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What Shape Of Sunglasses For My Face

Your Head Size Matters More Than Face Shape

What’s Your Face Shape | Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Head size is different from face shape. Were just talking about how wide and tall your head is, not whether your face is round or square.

Your head size determines the size your lenses need to be for sufficient sun protection. Lens size is also important for field of view if you need prescription lenses!

Everything around the lenses is secondary.

Heres how you can use this to buy the perfect pair of sunglasses.

What Are The Best Sunglasses For My Face Shape

The shape of your face is unique, and your sunglasses should be too! If you find it challenging to find a pair of sunglasses that complement your face shape, you’re in the right place. It’s fun to try out different styles of sunglasses to find what you like, but it’s even better to have an idea of which frames will really accentuate your natural features. It’s important to remember that this is a guide, not a rule book. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who has to love your sunglasses!

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How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses can transform your look from boring to bold, but finding the right pair can be challenging.

One way to find a style that suits you is by using your face shape as a guide. Once you know your face shape, you can find a pair that fits your proportions.

Weve got you covered if you arent sure where to begin. Our guide walks you through how to find your face shape and which sunglasses match it best.

Factor #: Facial Features

Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

When people talk about round vs. square faces, theyre really trying to describe the features of a face, not the overall shape .

Rather than thinking about your face as a distinct shape, think of it as being made up of a bunch of different lines and contours.

These lines are determined by things like bone structure and body fat percentage. Some lines are soft and curvy, while others are straight and angular.

Its a spectrum, and many faces fall somewhere in the middle:

If your face isnt obviously on one side of the spectrum, you dont have to worry too much about this youll look good in any sunglasses that are the right size.

But if you do have obviously round or straight features, youll want to certain types of glasses.

Its all about balance. People with overtly round features will look better in frames with straight features. This will help achieve more perceived symmetry, which is attractive.

For example, I have relatively round features, and I look best in angular frames.

Cee Lo Green is an example of a someone with very round features, which is why he looks great in sunglasses that have hard angles.

On the other end of the spectrum, you have guys like Brad Pitt who have square jaw lines and sharp features.

They look great in round frames:

Its not that Brad Pitt cant pull off more angular frames. Its that he can pull off circular frames in a way that people with softer features cannot.

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Different Frame Of Glasses For Your Face Shape

If buying sunglasses that would fit every face shape, for that reason choosing a frame when picking the right pair takes time. Apart from typical aviator, round and square sunglasses that make your face appear longer. There are tons of way to find different type of glasses or other intricate designs for sunglasses frames that are proportionate to your face. Well list down below all the best seller frames on the market today for the combination of a few different styles,

Not Sure If You Have A Diamond Shaped Face

Snap a selfie or take a look in the mirror and trace the outline of your face. A diamond face is best known for its narrow forehead, planed cheekbones and pointed chin. With your facial shape, you will want to go with sunglasses that properly accentuate some features while minimizing others.

Contrast is key when you’re searching for sunglasses for diamond shaped faces. Keep in mind that your lens size shouldn’t to be too large. At the same time, you should also avoid anything too small or narrow. Either of these will give the eyes a squinty or bunched look. Go for medium to larger sized lenses and frames that support them. Rounded or oval lenses will work well with the cheekbones, where square lenses may work against you in the forehead department, and make your eye line appear narrower than it actually is.

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Round Or Oblong Face Shape

What is a round face shape?

Men with a round face have a lot in common with the oval. It’s characterized by soft features and a slightly curved jawline and browline.

The cheekbones are usually larger, and the small forehead is almost symmetrical to the jawline.

Sunnies For A Round Face Shape

Go for angles! The key to sunglasses for men with round faces is to make the face look longer.

If you have a round face shape, rectangular, and square frames break up the softness, slim the cheeks and help your face appear thinner and longer.

Angular and geometric sunglasses add sharper lines to create a balance between the round curves of your face and the clean lines of the frames. For men, wearing thicker frames also adds width.

Mens sunglasses with gradient lenses add another level of elongation.

Avoid round sunglasses or any pair that highlights the roundness and curves of the face.

Best Glasses Styles For Men’s Face Shape

How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Looking for some guidance on what shape of glasses frame you should choose? Taking your face shape into account is a smart way to narrow down your options and find a mens glasses style that complements your natural features. Our glasses frames for mens face shapes cover a huge range of styles, so youll still have plenty of options available after you figure out your face shape.

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Sunglasses What Shape Best Fits Your Face

Find the perfect pair for you according to the shape of your face.

We asked Copenhagen-based professional MUA and stylist Cianne Denize for her tips on choosing the right pair of sunglasses for any mans face shape be it square, rectangular, oblong, oval, round, diamond, heart, or any type of triangle without needing to try them on.

Not Sure If You’ve Got A Round Face Shape

Step in front of the mirror and check yourself out. Oval face shapes are characterized mostly by a softly curved jawline. Plus, the width of your forehead should be just a bit wider than your chin, with your cheekbones usually placed just a little higher on the face. If this sounds like you, get ready- EyeBuyDirect has hundreds of frames that’ll fit just right on you.

Trendy glasses for round faces come in all sorts of shapes and colors. Looking for a cute and fun aesthetic? Try adding a pop of color to a frame that catches your eye. Aiming for something more cool than quirky? You might find yourself in love with a sleek pair of transparent frames. Just remember that before you buy, be sure that you’re selecting your frames in the right size. When it comes to round faces, it’s important that your frames aren’t too small. A small pair of glasses won’t provide enough contrast to the rest of your facial features, and in some cases will even be uncomfortable to wear. Measuring your preferred temple width and pupillary distance can make a big impact in getting the perfect fit. If you need help, try checking out our measuring guide here.

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Glasses For Round Faces

If you have a round face, compliment it with a pair of square frames. This will help to add angles and drama to your naturally softer features. Whatever you do, avoid sunglasses with round frames, as these will only serve to enhance the roundness, which will result in your face appearing wider than it really is.

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Sunglasses For Long Or Triangle Face

Choose The Right Sun Glasses For You Face Shape... Really Easy! by ...

When it comes to long V shape triangle faces, the best match for frames of sunglasses and eyeglasses are lower thick rims, aviator and rounded square shapes. The principle is to find frames with thick edges on the lower part this is to compliment your long V-shaped triangle face. This is because you have a slimmer lower part so thick frames on lower edges would fill in and create an optical illusion.

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The Best Sunglasses For Every Face Shape

Theres a certain magic to sunglasses. They have a transformative power: the right pair can make you feel instantly confident and take a great outfit to the next level. But with an infinite array of shapes and colors to choose from, how are you supposed to you know which style suits you best? You could go the trial and error route and try on a million pairs, or you could consult our guide to the best styles of the season for every face shape. See all of our picks, below.

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Sunglasses For Diamond Shaped Faces

Diamond shaped faces should be complemented by angular frames like cat-eyes, but rectangular and oval shaped frames work too. Color-wise, a pair of glasses that are darker or heavier on the top are a fantastic choice for sunglasses. They give more structure to the top of the face and distract from the bottom where the jawline is elongated.

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The Best Sunglasses For Each Face Shape

Don’t Know Your Face Shape? Here’s How to Find Sunglasses

If you are looking for some help with finding the perfect pair of sunglasses, using your face shape is an excellent place to start. You can use your sunglasses to balance or highlight different areas of your face.

The following guidelines will point you in the right direction to the sunglasses that will best suit your face.

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Sunglasses For Diamond Face Shape

The diamond-shaped face has a skinny forehead, an edged chin, and wide cheekbones. So, the right style of sunglasses for face shape like this includes rectangular and oval-shaped frames.

Furthermore, half-rimmed frames are a fantastic choice for sunglasses as these will accentuate your top face and minimize attention to the features from where the cheekbones stretch.

Oppositely, if you need to draw attention to cheekbones, browline frames, or upswept cat-eyes frames will be a better choice.

Also, oval frames can add more shape to cheeks, and horn-rimmed sunglasses can draw attention towards the upper half face. So you can also pick one from them.

Sunglasses And Glasses For Your Face Shape

Finding sunglasses that suit your face shape is essential to look and feel your best, but its no mean feat. With so many different sunglasses shapes and styles available, it can feel impossible to work out which pair will best suit you. Luckily, our new virtual try on tool is here to help!

Before you start virtually trying sunglasses on your face though, its important to get to know your face a little better! Do you know what kind of face shape you have? Here are some top tips for determining your face shape, and how to find the perfect sunglasses and glasses to suit you:

Oval Face

If you have a long face that is well-balanced with rounded features and a forehead that is only slightly wider than your jaw then you have an oval face. Lucky you! Oval faces can wear almost all sunglasses and glasses styles and shapes and always look fantastic.

To really optimise the shape of your face, try a pair of oversized mirrored aviators. Avoid narrow rectangle or square frames, which could make your eyes look narrower than they are.

Here are some examples of great frames to suit your face:

Round Face

If you have a face that is soft and circular which appears to be almost equal in width and length then you have a round face. Look in the mirror and draw a line around your face: if the shape you create is a circle then you have a round face shape.

Avoid round or oversized glasses, which will only make your face look rounder and your features look smaller.

Heart Face

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What If My Face Isnt Perfect

What happens when your face shape includes a feature that youre self-conscious about?

Nobodys perfect . We all have something wed like to hide or, if thats impossible, draw attention away from. We asked Cianne Denize for style tips shes used on everything from Netflix series to magazine editorials.

  • Large Nose For men with a big nose, wear browline sunglasses. This draws attention toward your eyes and ears and away from your nose.
  • Large Forehead If youre worried about your forehead getting all the attention, go for a pair of aviator sunglasses. This style looks good on most face shapes and distracts from a big forehead.
  • Narrow Eyes If your eyes are close together, wear a pair of sunglasses with clear frames. Avoid anything too wide, or youll end up looking cross-eyed.
  • Small Face When you want to make your face appear longer, grab a pair of rimless sunglasses or ones with a high nose bridge. These draw attention to the edge of your face in all directions.

The secret to successful online shopping is knowing what youre looking for. That, and a generous no-questions-asked returns policy. We have the latter, and when it comes to shopping for mens sunglasses, this article will help you with the former.

My Advice Try On Lots Of Sunglasses

How to choose Perfect Sunglasses according to Face Shape

Now that you know how to pick sunglasses for your face, you need to try on a bunch of different pairs. I recommend using the Warby Parker Home Try-On program.

But there are plenty of brands offering free home try ons these days.

Make sure to measure the width of your face and try on frames that are the right width for you. That way you can maximize your home try on experiences.

Test drive a few different shapes to get a better sense of the concepts you learned from this guide.

I hope this guide helps you understand which sunglasses are the best choice for your face shape.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below!

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Check Which Sunglasses And Glasses Suit Your Face

Find sunglasses and glasses that suit your face on your desktop, tablet or mobile! If you are not quite sure which sunglasses or glasses to choose, why not use our Virtual Try On feature.

With Virtual Try On you can see how select pairs of sunglasses and glasses look on your face by uploading your photo or selecting one of our models to try the glasses on. You can save the images to your device and with the click of a button share them with your friends on social media to get their opinions!

iframes has over 3,000 designer sunglasses and glasses online, many of which are available for Virtual Try On.

Whether your face shape is square, round, diamond, oval, heart or anything else, and your style is professional, chic, sporty, casual or hipster, there is a model and style that is perfect for you.

Select your face shape below to see recommended sunglasses or glasses.

Face Match

How To Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

If youre looking for a practical guide on how you can find the best sunglasses for your face, youre in the right place.

Sunglasses are extremely practical accessories. Not only do they protect your eyes from the suns damaging rays, but they also prevent wrinkles .

Plus, the right sunglasses just make you feel cool.

But the wrong ones well, lets just say its important to choose correctly.

Note: I used the Warby Parker home try-on program to test out a bunch of different sunglasses for this post . This is a great free way to try on lots of different styles and sizes, in order to figure out what works for you.

This post is NOT sponsored by Warby Parker, but it does contain affiliate links

If you want more home try-on options, check out these Warby Parker alternatives.

Watch this video to learn about an easier, more logical way to find the right sunglasses that doesnt require you to figure out your face shape.

If video isnt your thing, read on for the text/picture version of the guide.

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