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What Shape Sunglasses For My Face

How Do I Choose Sunglasses For My Face Shape

What’s Your Face Shape | Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

There are a few things to consider when choosing sunglasses for your face shape. If you have a round face, youll want to choose sunglasses that are more angular to help elongate your appearance. If you have a heart-shaped face, youll want to look for sunglasses that are wider at the bottom to help balance out your look. And if you have an oval face, youre lucky because most sunglasses styles will look great on you!

It is extremely useful to have sunglasses on hand. This type of eye cream protects your eyes from sun-induced wrinkles and protects your skin from harmful rays. Most people are advised to choose sunglasses based on their face shape, but size and proportion are equally important considerations. This video will teach you how to find the right sunglasses in a more logical and straightforward manner. Many people wear sunglasses that are too broad on their face, resulting in a bug-like appearance. When wearing narrow glasses, your face is most likely to appear narrower. Your face length is defined as the distance between your forehead and the center of your chin.

Start Your Search With These Timeless Styles For Diamond Shaped Faces


We recommend top-heavy browline frames for diamond shaped faces. Not only are they impeccably classy, they also create excellent contrast with your cheekbones.

Somebody New$78


Classic, sleek, and undeniably refined. Oval sunglasses can add a subtle but effective touch of contrast to your already proportioned features.

Sun Kyoto$64


People with diamond faces often have gorgeous and well-defined cheekbones. A pair of upswept cat-eye sunglasses will really draw attention to your face’s most attractive features.



Sunglasses with square lenses will make your eyes appear more narrow. However, frames with rectangle lenses can add more contour to your cheeks and draw more attention to the upper half of your face.


Best Sunglasses For Heart

Sunglasses for heart-shaped faces come in a range of styles. If you recall, heart-shaped people have a narrow jawline. Sunglass frames with a top thats wider than the bottom are ideal for heart-shaped faces. For men with this face shape, the best styles to try include sunglasses in the browline or clubmaster, sport and retro square styles. Women, on the other hand, can try wearing sunglasses with cat-eye, browline or retro square frames.

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Glasses For A Small Face

For a complementary fit, choose glasses that are as wide or slightly wider than your facelook for a lens width of 50mm-52mm and nose bridge of 14mm-16mm. Consider glasses in a shape that adds definition without overpowering your features, such as rectangular, oval, or cat-eye frames.

When looking for glasses for long faces, opt for a shape and style that brings contrast, such as square or geometric frames or a taller, oversized style. Two-toned glasses can also draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones.

My Advice Try On Lots Of Sunglasses

Suited Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Now that you know how to pick sunglasses for your face, you need to try on a bunch of different pairs. I recommend using the Warby Parker Home Try-On program.

But there are plenty of brands offering free home try ons these days.

Make sure to measure the width of your face and try on frames that are the right width for you. That way you can maximize your home try on experiences.

Test drive a few different shapes to get a better sense of the concepts you learned from this guide.

I hope this guide helps you understand which sunglasses are the best choice for your face shape.

Questions? Comments? Leave them below!

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What Face Shapes Are There

The most common face shapes include:

  • Oval. The length of oval faces is about twice its width. The jaw is slightly narrower than the forehead. You can opt to enhance your natural lines with round frames or use angular frames to add structure.
  • Round. Round faces have soft curves and broad cheekbones. To create definition, select glasses with sharp, angular frames.
  • Square. Square faces have strong, sharp, defined features. Rounded frames will soften your features, while rectangular shapes will define your angles.
  • Rectangle. Rectangular faces are longer than they are wide with angular features. Opt for square glasses and avoid glasses that are too wide.
  • Heart. Heart-shaped faces feature a full forehead, slightly narrowed cheekbones, and a narrow chin. Add softness and curves to your face with oval-shaped frames and cat-eye glasses.
  • Diamond. The cheekbones of a diamond-shaped face are wider than the jaw. Choose glasses with an oval shape to soften angular edges.

To help you in your search, we compiled our list of the best eyeglasses based on several factors.

We considered the following:

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Best Sunglasses For Round

How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Since this face shape tends to be widest along the cheekbones, while being narrow at the jawline and forehead, the right sunglasses shape for round faces are square sunglasses. For men with round faces, specifically, other options include aviator and retro square-style eyewear. For women, cat-eye and oversized shades do the trick.

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How Should Sunglasses Fit

Just like your tailored suits, to appear polished and stylish, your sunglasses also need to fit right. Not only is a proper fit is more flattering in appearance, but its also more comfortable and will best protect your eyes from the sun. While the right fit will mean something different to everyone, there are some guidelines to follow. Start by opting for sunglasses where the width of the frame matches the width of your face. You also want to be able to see at least half of your eyebrows above the frames and have your eyeballs sit precisely in the middle of each lens. Finally, the arms should fit nicely around your ears, and the overall positioning of the sunglasses should center between the top of your hairline and the edge of your chin.

Adjust The Frame Style Based On Your Head Size Or Style Preference

Different sunglasses style examples such as square, aviator, and shield

Rounded frames are a safe bet, but dont let the recommendation stop you from exploring. In fact, it might be better to try out different styles based on your head size.

Larger heads might need larger lenses, since their features are further apart. This means that square frames could be a better option as the lenses tend to be larger.

You can opt for a square frame because you like the style better. This goes for any other style, from aviators to shields.

As long as you find one that fits your sweet spot, it’ll have the best proportions for your face.

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Sunglasses For Heart Face Shape

The heart-shaped face has a broad forehead, a wide cheekbone area but a narrow jawline or chin area. The broad forehead and the heaviness in the cheeks due to the width makes your face look heftier. Thus, you need to avoid any chunky sunglasses that may add more weight to how your face appears.

In fact, you need light and thin-rimmed sunglasses for face shape that help to balance the bulky appearance. So avoid overly embellished sunglasses, aviators, browlines, and oversized sunglasses. Each of these adds weight to the already heavy-looking top of your face.

The best sunglasses for heart shaped face are cat-eyes, wayfarers, round and oval sunglasses. An even better choice would be rimless. How about round rimless frames?

What Type Of Sunglasses Are In Style 2022

NEW! What sunglasses best fit your face shape? Find out: http://www ...

Its all about eye-catching shades in bold and bright colors, ranging from futuristic to retro . Similarly, Scott Murchison, Illestevas West Coast regional manager, says the sunglasses trends for 2022 will be influenced by the 1970s.

Expect to see a lot of sunshine in 2022 as sunglasses trends. As the years pass, sunglasses trends are likely to become increasingly popular. Choose the most flattering shade based on your face shape and complexion. Learn how to select the best sunglasses with our guide. Simon Jablon, Creative Director of Adidas, confirms that pastels will be a major trend in 2022. It goes well with blondes, redheads, and people with fair skin to wear pink, pale blue, and soft greens. If you have a darker complexion, its a good idea to wear sunglasses with bright yellows and soft violets for a more eye-catching look.

This British brands tortoiseshell frames are both timeless and modern in their oversized shapes. Take a seat under the stars in Quays statement white frames, which are easy to wear while soaking up the sun. Anthracite sunglasses are sold in a package for $435 / £320. Play with the fashion color trends when it comes to this look. Choose colors that suit your mood. You will feel warm on your face with a pink and brown gradient lens. Our fashion expert recommends wearing green or blue ombré if you want to look cooler.

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How To Choose Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

If youre looking for a practical guide on how you can find the best sunglasses for your face, youre in the right place.

Sunglasses are extremely practical accessories. Not only do they protect your eyes from the suns damaging rays, but they also prevent wrinkles .

Plus, the right sunglasses just make you feel cool.

But the wrong ones well, lets just say its important to choose correctly.

Note: I used the Warby Parker home try-on program to test out a bunch of different sunglasses for this post . This is a great free way to try on lots of different styles and sizes, in order to figure out what works for you.

This post is NOT sponsored by Warby Parker, but it does contain affiliate links

If you want more home try-on options, check out these Warby Parker alternatives.

Watch this video to learn about an easier, more logical way to find the right sunglasses that doesnt require you to figure out your face shape.

If video isnt your thing, read on for the text/picture version of the guide.

What Are The Best Sunglasses For My Face Shape

The shape of your face is unique, and your sunglasses should be too! If you find it challenging to find a pair of sunglasses that complement your face shape, you’re in the right place. It’s fun to try out different styles of sunglasses to find what you like, but it’s even better to have an idea of which frames will really accentuate your natural features. It’s important to remember that this is a guide, not a rule book. At the end of the day, you’re the only one who has to love your sunglasses!

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Sunglasses For A Square Face

The length and width of a square-shaped face are similar. A square face will have angles and corners that are sharp. Your hairline is sleek but straight.

The objective should be to round off the features of a square face so that it appears less harsh. Round or oval-shaped glasses are going to look the best on square-shaped faces. This helps create a more balanced appearance by softening your faces sharpness.

Take Your Time When Selecting Your Glasses Or Sunglasses

Don’t Know Your Face Shape? Here’s How to Find Sunglasses

Many of us purchase glasses and sunglasses infrequently, chiefly as we still consider the item to be an expensive one .

While the costs of glasses have gone down, there is still no harm in taking your time when it comes to selecting the right type for you. In many ways, this is an additional benefit of shopping via your desktop or mobile device. Some of us can be pretty self-conscious when it comes to buying eyewear and tend to make snap judgments just to complete the process, so doing so online affords us the time and comfort to make the right judgment call.

Shopping online will also always offer you a far more comprehensive range of options than simply visiting the local optician.

There are many benefits of buying glasses online, and therefore its no surprise that as far as online shopping trends, eyewear is one of the fastest-growing niches around. Take advantage of the knowledge youve acquired from this article and shop with confidence.

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How To Choose Sunglasses For Face Shape Male

You will be able to mask your eyes by wearing sunglasses, so choose a style that flatters your nose and your face shape. Round noses may benefit from rectangular shapes, as an example. Finding the right pair of sunglasses for you is the most important aspect because it reflects your face as well as your personality.

The purchase of sunglasses necessitates not only a good eye shape, but also a good nose shape. When it comes to the frame shape, you should think about what you want, not what your face looks like. If your head size is more important than your face shape, your face will not appear as appealing. It is as if saying round food on a round plate makes your plate appear rounder. For optimal sun protection, you must select lenses with a head size that is appropriate for your head shape. If you have prescription lenses, you should also consider the size of the lens. Everything around the lenses is secondary.

This is how you can find the perfect pair of sunglasses using this method. The classic solid lenses in black, grey, or green are the best choice for lenses. Determine which frame style you prefer based on your head size and style preferences, such as square, aviator, and shield. Year-round, black or brown tortoises are excellent choices. Light colors, such as a light yellow or a clear, go best during the Spring and Summer seasons.

Round Or Oblong Face Shape

What is a round face shape?

Men with a round face have a lot in common with the oval. It’s characterized by soft features and a slightly curved jawline and browline.

The cheekbones are usually larger, and the small forehead is almost symmetrical to the jawline.

Sunnies For A Round Face Shape

Go for angles! The key to sunglasses for men with round faces is to make the face look longer.

If you have a round face shape, rectangular, and square frames break up the softness, slim the cheeks and help your face appear thinner and longer.

Angular and geometric sunglasses add sharper lines to create a balance between the round curves of your face and the clean lines of the frames. For men, wearing thicker frames also adds width.

Mens sunglasses with gradient lenses add another level of elongation.

Avoid round sunglasses or any pair that highlights the roundness and curves of the face.

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Sunglasses For Square Face Shape

A square face generally has bold and angular features consisting of a broad forehead and a strong horizontal jawline. So what sunglasses for face shape suit you most? Read on!

Above all choices, round sunglasses would be an excellent selection. Then comes cat-eye sunglasses, which also look very flattering on this face shape. Thats because angled corners of the frame evenly proportionate the chin lines and jaw structure.

Another option is a colored oval it softens the strong angles and gives a more balanced look to your face. Likewise, aviator-shaped sunglasses will soften the faces sharp angles and comparatively give more roundness to your face.

Our Face Shapes Guide For Eyewear

Choose The Right Sun Glasses For You Face Shape... Really Easy! by ...

Our face shapes guide has been developed to help our customers who are buying glasses online to select the right glasses or sunglasses, based on their own unique face shape and gives frame suggestions based on this.

Choosing the right glasses or sunglasses can be tricky even when youre sure of your face shape, which is why we offer you the option to Try Before You Buy on all Arlo Wolf glasses and sunglasses.

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