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What Strength Glasses Do I Need

What Is The Average Age For Reading Glasses

What strength reading glasses do I need?

Seen in the image above, the soft lens in your eye gradually begins to stiffen as you approach middle-age.

This is due to the onset of a very common condition called presbyopia which means you’ll begin to experience difficulty focusing on nearby objects during daily tasks.

Reading or close-vicinity work can become more strenuous which can lead to headaches and frustration.

Even if youve never required to wear specs, reading glasses can solve the inevitable symptoms of presbyopia. Basic activities that have become difficult to focus-on can be corrected with a pair of good quality reading eyeglasses.

We sometimes get requests to gauge reading glasses strength by age, but this really isn’t a good measure compared to a full eye exam or atleast a close reading test.

Using your free reading glasses test, youll have discovered your required strength of corrective lenses.

If you do require corrective lenses, click the button below to browse our collection of quality reading glasses for men and women.

We offer blue light blocking glasses lenses to prevent premature ageing of the eyes which are emitted from phones, tablets and computers.

According to studies, presbyopia is increasing amongst young adults from prolonged exposure to digital screens.

Reading glasses strength is measured in dioptre.

Reading Lens powers range from +1.00, +1.25, +1.50, +1.75, +2.00, +2.25, +2.50, +2.75, +3.00 dioptre.

How Will You Use Your Readers

The lens power needed for reading glasses differs depending on purpose. The traditional reading distance is 14-16 inches, but its 18-20 inches for computer reading. Because the distances are not the same, the lens power will also be different. After calculating your lens strength for reading, reduce that by about half to find your correct power for reading a computer screen. This power might need to be adjusted based on the distance between the computer screen and your eyes.

See Your Doctor Regularly

Overall, it is best to see an optometrist every few years or as soon as you have questions or concerns about your vision quality. It is likely that you have a normal refractive error, but you may have a different condition in your eyes. You may need a different approach than over-the-counter reading glasses to help you.

Establishing a relationship with an optometrist or ophthalmologist means you can have your vision monitored by professionals as you age. This is incredibly important.

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Reading Glasses For Presbyopia: Over The Counter Or Prescription

If you have presbyopia and have not developed other refractive errors earlier in life, your optometrist may recommend purchasing over-the-counter reading glasses. Typically, your optometrist will recommend reading glasses power based on your age.

  • 40 to 44 years old: You will use a power between +0.75 to +1.00 diopters to adjust your presbyopia.
  • 45 to 49 years old: Typically, this age group will need +1.00 to +1.50 diopters.
  • 50 to 54 years old: As presbyopia continues, this age range will need between +1.50 and +2.00 diopters.
  • 55 to 59 years old: For this age group, +2.00 to +2.25 diopter reading glasses are typically recommended.
  • 60 years old and older: For older adults, +2.25 to +2.50 diopters can adjust more progressed presbyopia.

Nonprescription reading glasses are sold over the counter with powers up to +3.00. After passing this convex lens number, you will need a prescription for reading glasses. Experts recommend that you pick the reading glasses with the lower power if you have two pairs of OTC glasses that correct your vision in about the same range. Wearing corrective lenses that are too powerful, even a little bit, for your eyes can cause eye strain, headaches, and make your vision worse faster.

You should also consider getting several pairs of reading glasses with different powers to help you perform different tasks, including working on a computer, watching television, and driving.

What If Your Reading Glasses Arent Working Like They Should

Reading Glasses I NEED YOU Hangover IN 4 Assorted Colours, Strength ...

If you have a pair of readers that used to make reading a breeze, but now arent working as well, you probably need an updated pair.

In most cases, youll want to replace your readers with a stronger set because your eyes need more help as you age. If you find that youre holding reading material with your current readers farther away from your face than normal to see it clearly, then you might need stronger reading glasses.

If youre holding your reading material closer to your face than normal, though, then you need weaker reading glasses.

Either way, its prudent to book an eye exam and get new readers with the right lens strength.

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What Are The Effects Of Blue Light Exposure

One of the biggest problems caused by blue light exposure is trouble falling asleep. This is because the short wavelengths of blue light affect your levels of melatonin. The effect it has on melatonin is more than any other wavelength. Even a small amount of blue light will cause problems with your natural circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion.

If you use a blue-light emitting device 2 hours before bed, the strain on your eyes will make it take longer to fall asleep. In addition, you are likely to have less REM sleep leading to you feeling more tired when you wake up. Read more about how blue light filter will give you the best sleep of your life.

Studies have concluded that due to the lack of sleep caused by too much blue light, your shorter sleep can lead to the development of cancer, diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, and vision loss. That is why it is pertinent to protect yourself by using computer reading glasses.

There is a chance that your conventional distance and reading glasses are not going to help protect you against blue light. Instead, youll need to buy a pair of computer reading glasses. Most of these glasses feature unique lenses that can help block the blue light emitted from your screen.

Learn more about how blue light affects kids and sleep by readingthis article.

What Are Your Typical Habits

When choosing your reading glasses power, consider how you will most often be using your glasses. This can play a big role in how to determine reading glasses strength.

If you will typically be using your reading glasses for viewing things very small or up close, youll want to consider a stronger reading glasses power than what the age-based chart may suggest.

If youre going to primarily be using your reading glasses when youre at a computer, you should choose a lower reading glasses power. Most people view their screen from a greater distance than when theyre reading print material. The rule of thumb is that the farther the viewing distance, the less reading glasses power is needed.

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What Is A Reading Glasses Test And When Do You Need One

In a world where electronic devices are essential for everyday life, having clear vision has never been more important. Unfortunately, degrading eyesight is common for many people.

Lets face it eventually, most of us will have to wear reading glasses. And when we do, the first question that comes to mind is: what strength reading glasses do I need?

The problem is that most people buy over-the-counter reading glasses without first taking the strength of the lens into account. Unfortunately, this can do more harm than good. Enter the vital reading glasses test. But what is it, and how do you take one?

Reading Glasses Resources And Calculators

How To Tell If You Need Reading Glasses |®

If you are shopping online or if you would like to have a starting point for trying on reading glasses, it can be helpful to use a reading glasses calculator. These tools use information about your age and reading habits to make a recommendation about what strength reading glasses might work best for you.

That said, the only way to know if youve picked the right reading glasses is to try them. Your own personal preferences play a role in how close you can comfortably focus and how far away you like to hold your newspaper.

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What To Do If You Dont Need Any Strength For Your Computer Glasses

The fact that you may not need any strength for your computer glasses still your risk for developing eye problems is very high therefore. You should opt for the following tips to prevent too much blue-wavelength light exposure, they include:

Ensure your monitor is far from you at approximately 24-36 inches. The significance of being distant from your monitor reduces the amount of Blue light emitted into your eyes. Take your time to rest every 20 minutes away from your computer screen and shut them for a moment, then open and relax them. However, you should also remember to blink them and drink a lot of water to keep your eyes lubricated to reduce eye fatigue, straining and prevent the eyes cells from degenerating. Reduce the light set-up of your monitor to reduce the amount of blue-wavelength or you may install blue light filter software like iris to repel and block out the blue light. Or you may also use physical blue light filter screen covers on your computer to act as a barrier against high-frequency waves. However, the downside of using physical blue light filters it diminishes the quality of the picture, but its health benefit is all you need. Reduce the amount of time you spent watching or playing games on your monitor because the risks for eye damage also increase with too much blue exposure from your computer.

What Are The Highest And Lowest

The lowest-strength reading glasses have powers of +0.25 diopters, whereas high-strength ones can go well beyond +2.50 dioptersin rare cases, all the way up to +4.00.

When you need reading glasses beyond +2.75 diopters or so, you may have to get them custom ordered. These higher strengths arent as readily available online or in stores.

Readers may not work for all people. For instance, someone who is nearsighted may not find a reading glasses strength that works for them. When in doubt, seek the advice of your eye doctor.

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Benefits Of Reading Glasses

Apart from improving your reading abilities, here are the other benefits of wearing reading glasses:

  • They protect your eyes from direct wind and debris.
  • Some are fashionable.
  • It enables you to do other activities, such as driving.
  • Helps avoid uncomfortable symptoms such as eye strain.
  • They are convenient and comfortable to use.

What Does 25 Reading Glasses Mean

What Strength Reading Glasses Do I need?

Your eyeglasses need 2.5 diopters of strength to correct farsightedness if your prescription reads +2.50. Your vision will need more correction if the number is higher. If youre reading this, you probably have a prescription that correct on it. Its a good idea to ask your eye care professional if you have any questions.

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Taking A Reading Glasses Test

The good news about an eye test for reading glasses is that you can do it on your own no need to spend money with a specialist. Heres how:

1. Print the Reading Glasses Test

The first step is to download a diopter chart for reading glasses, which you can easily find online.

The chart consists of several lines of sentences that grow smaller as you move further down the page, with a corresponding diopter value on each line. To use, simply print on a standard-sized piece of paper .

2. Read It

Now its time for the fun part the test itself.

Remove your glasses and hold the reading glasses chart in front of you, approximately 14 inches from your face. Start reading the sentences from the top and work your way to the bottom.The moment you cant read a sentence, or it starts to appear blurry, check the corresponding diopter value on the right. Thats the appropriate reading glasses strength for your condition.

What Is Blue Light

When you work on your computer, youre going to be exposed to blue light and that can disrupt your sleep and increase your risks of developing certain diseases.

Blue light is emitted from various electronic screens including your television, computer, smartphone, and tablet. Since this form of light has a short wavelength, it produces a bit more energy making it more harmful.

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How Do You Know What Strength Reading Glasses Are Right For You

    • If you’re around the age of 35 – 45, you’ll likely need to go with reading glasses that are +0.75 to +1.00.
    • If you’re 45 – 50, you can start at +1.5 and work yourself up to find the pair that works for you.
    • For those over 50, at least +2.00 is needed.
  • Those over 60 will likely need at least +3.00.

Of course, as well-researched as these recommendations may be, keep in mind that this chart should simply be used a guide for you. There’s more to choosing the best reading glasses for you than just your age.How to choose the right reading glasses and sunglass readers strength for you Your age is just one of the things that you should factor in when you buy your reading glasses. To help you choose beyond this specific criterium, here are some tips to help you drill down the details: 1. Understand how the diopter chart worksThe diopter chart is more than just a tabulated data of your age and the corresponding strength of reading glasses that you need. It is basically an at-home eye exam a sheet of paper that you can easily print up to determine which parts you can easily read to determine your level of vision. In the sheet, youll find that there are lines that correspond to each diopter level. So say you can clearly see the print beside +2.00 but +1.5 is blurry, then you know that you’ll need reading glasses that have a strength of +1.5.

    • Full lens sun readers – are fully magnified reading sunglasses that have your magnifications throughout the entire lens.

Reading Glasses Strength For Computer Distance Reading

How to Choose Your Reading Glasses Strength

1. Follow the instructions for determining Up- Close Vision above. Make sure you hold the chart at 12-14 inches away and no further.

2. Once you have determined your reading glasses strength, use the chart below to determine your computer distance strength.

NOTE The computer strength powers listed are for screen distances of arm’s length . If your screen is closer than arm’s length you can opt for the next step higher power. BTW, see tip 2 above.

Up-Close Power

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Benefits Of Strength Computer Glasses

Protecting your eyes is important for your health because it protects the eye cells from getting damaged and interfering with your bodys physiological processes. Below are some of the benefits of wearing computer glasses, they include

Helps to prevent bad posture because blue wavelength reduces the sensitivity of the eyes cells. Thus, an individual will lean forward and crane the neck to try to compensate for less than perfect mid-range vision. It helps to improve the production of sleeping hormone to improve your sleepiness and maintain your body clock sleeping pattern. Suppressed melatonin levels are very dangerous for your health because it triggers depression, disrupts hunger-controlling hormone leading to increased obesity, and disrupts your memory and retinal damage. It helps to prevent your eyes from straining and reduces eye pressure thereby alleviating migraine and headaches. Since it reduces eye strain and pressure hence, your concentration will improve in terms of productivity and accuracy while working. It reduces the risks for developing eye defection problems like myopia and macular degeneration and reduces eyes fatigue, eye strain, and blurred vision. Anti-blue glasses filter out blue light from the screen to protect your eyes from glare thus preventing eyes from dilating with the brightness and eyes from straining.

Can I Wear My Reading Glasses All The Time

Yes, you can, but wearing reading glasses could make it a struggle to focus on objects that are farther away. If you want to keep your reading glasses on all the time, you might want to look for a pair of half-rimmed reading glasses. Then you can peek above the glasses when you want to see something at a distance.

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The Best Way To Find The Right Reading Glasses

If you want to know what reading glasses strength is best for you, you should always consult an optometrist. By examining your eyes, theyll be able to eliminate the guesswork of trying on different over-the-counter readersand make it possible for you to order higher-quality reading glasses online.

If you get an eye exam, you may discover that your eyes need different magnification powers. Maybe one has astigmatism and the other doesnt, or maybe youre nearsighted in such a way that the reading glasses recommended for your age group would be too strong. Prescription readers from an optometrist will match your needs exactly so you can get back to the tasks you love, whether its reading novels, crafting intricate works of art, playing sheet music, or working on a computer.

Another reason to avoid the drugstores: some over-the-counter reading glasses jump up or down in power by increments of 0.50 diopters. Thats a little too imprecise for comfort. For the best reading experience, we recommend looking at readers with powers that vary by increments of 0.25 diopters.

Why Is The Correct Reading Glasses Strength Important I NEED YOU Designer Woody Black Reading Glasses ...

Doing an online eye test for reading glasses is vital because having the wrong diopter level can lead to more problems down the line. Your brain will try to compensate for any excess magnification level your glasses provide. So youll be able to see fine right now, but it comes at the expense of overworking your eyes. Over time, this can lead to eye strain, headaches, and blurry vision the same symptoms the glasses were meant to prevent in the first place.

When you buy a pair of Felix Gray eyewear, you can select between prescription, non-prescription, and reading options at various diopter levels. That way, youll always get the best strength to match our Blue Light filtering technology.

Whether youre starting to notice blurriness now or youre looking to prevent symptoms in the future, browse our selection of Blue Light glasses today.

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