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What Sunglasses Is Medusa Wearing In Amazon Commercial

Everything To Know About Original Face Of Gerber Baby Ann Turner Cook

Medusas Sunglasses – Amazon Prime Commercial

Outside of acting, Rae also dabbles in modeling and was even featured on the 2019 Q2 Freedom of Speech cover of Playboy.

“Im pretty proud of all of the achievements either because I worked with friends Ive grown through the industry with, or because it made a significant impact,” Rae told VoyageLA in 2019.

“I feel my work ethic, respect to the team, and direct honesty sets me apart from the rest. I challenge myself to be the jack of all trades, so there are plenty of skills to bring to the table.”

Rae was also seen in the Apple commercial, Motion.”

Amazon Prime Medusa Makes Friends Commercial Song

by Chupa Cabra· 29th December 2021

After the contemporary retelling of Rapunzel and Cleopatra, Amazon continues its Prime Changes Everything campaign with a new commercial.

The spot features Medusa, the priestess cursed to turn those who lock gaze with her into stone, finding a solution to fix her problem: she orders a pair of sunglasses, which she gets with Prime one-day delivery. This way, people get to know her and realize shes actually hilarious. When one man tries to flirt with her at a social gathering, she takes her sunglasses off and turns him into stone. He was asking for it, the voiceover says at the end of the commercial, adding the tagline Prime Changes Everything.

The soundtrack music is the 2018 single Chun-Li by Nicki Minaj, from her fourth studio album, Queen. The song is available for purchase on Amazon for $1.29.

The first ads in this campaign show Cleopatra who, after watching the film Coming2America on Prime Video, decides to treat her subjects to accessories to help them enjoy desert life and Rapunzel, who after ordering herself a ladder with Prime One Day Delivery and gets out of her tower, opens a hairdressing salon empire.

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Amazon Prime takes us down the classical Greek mythology lane by narrating the cursed tale of Medusa with a modern twist. Tired of her gaze’s “stone-cold” consequences, the female Gorgon orders sunglasses through Prime to shield her mystical powers from the world. As the shades prove to be a game-changer, the goddess blends into the social scene easily. However, the Greek femme fatale does not shy away from using her gaze again to defend her new friends from a creepy male intending to kill their fun vibes.

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Who Plays Medusa In The Latest Amazon Commercial

In the Amazon commercial, Medusa decides to pick up a nifty pair of shades to combat the curse and stop herself from turning everyone who looks at her into stone.

What’s more, she even learns to make good use of her powers, taking revenge on a bothersome bar visitor who attempts to hit on her group of friends. Actress Jesi Le Raestars asMedusa in the new commercial.

Born on Oct. 18, 1990 in Chula Vista, Calif, Jesi got one of her first breakthroughs in 2014, with an appearance in the music video for the Weeknd’s hit song “Often.” The video paved the way for other equally exciting gigs, landing Jesi the opportunity to star in the clip of Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer” and Britney Spears and Tinashe’s “Slumber Party.”

Who Is The Actress In Amazon’s New Medusa Commercial

Óculos De Sol Notorious Big Unissex Versace Hype Retrô Medusa Life ...

As the online cyber-colossus bestriding the world where basically anything on planet Earth can be found, assessed, clicked, and delivered to your front door in one day , Amazon needs no introduction but hey, this article needed a lead-in. So, in the company’s latest commercials, apparently produced for that one guy somewhere who’s unaware of what Amazon is or does, the company seems to have commanded its marketing minions to tap into the timeless appeal of the past as a sure-fire advertising hook.

To date in Amazon’s historically-minded ad campaign, viewers have been treated to to make her subjects’ desert life more delightful, Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte regaling his troops with stand-up comedy , and more. The most recent entry in the company’s throwback commercial outings features the all-time favorite, reptile-coiffed Medusa. After ordering eye-shielding dark glasses from Amazon Prime, she makes new friends by not turning them to stone and is revealed to be a hoot at parties. And while anyone who paid attention in their Classical Greek Mythology 101 course is familiar with the unpleasant consequences of meeting this Greek femme fatale’s gaze, at parties or elsewhere, viewers may be less familiar with the actress who plays Medusa’s new friend in the spot.

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Jesi Le Rae’s Career Before Playing Medusa

The Medusa commercial is one of Jesi Le Rae’s biggest gigs to date. She’s previously appeared in music videos for artists like Cardi B, Demi Lovato – who appeared in Grey’s Anatomy – and Britney Spears. She also appeared as a stunt double in a season 3 episode of Westworld and had a role in the 2021 superhero movie Lazarus, starring Sean Riggs and Saw villain Costas Mandylor.

Given the popularity of the Amazon Prime Medusa commercial, Jesi Le Rae’s career is sure to be given a boost. She’s also active on Instagram and social media, for those who wish to follow her upcoming work.

Medusa With Her Amazon Sunglasses And That Crappy Song

I’m getting really sick of her. That song has wormed its way into my brain also.

Right because winking at a girl now equals a death sentence.

This isn’t a commercial it’s a social agenda being forced down everyone’s throat.

I used to be strongly progressive. I hate Trump. However I’m tired of being the scapegoat for everything, so I’m no longer voting.

The wokeness is going to cannibalize the progressive movement from within.

Commercial would be way better if he did more than just wink. Just makes Medusa come off as extremely uptight and rude.

Have the dude air hump a little, or wear ridiculous clothes like a pickup artists or flash a magnum condom and a wad of 100s.

The writers also didnt do their research. In the fable, Medusa didnt look at people and turn them into stone people looked at her and turned into stone.

Because that wink apparently justifies murder.

Because he had the AUDACITY to make flirty-eyes at a woman without her permission!

Rule one: dont be ugly

Commit murder because a guy looked at you! Girl power!

Will Amazon do a commercial whereby Perseus cut’s off Medusa’s head…?

Waiting for it, staying tuned…

How dare you be sexist and hate women! Reeee!

Amazon’s original content is trash of course their ads are too

Lol I commented on that video on YouTube about the roles being reversed and the hate just flowed lmao

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What Are The Sunglasses Medusa Is Wearing In The Amazon Prime Commercial

They look like a pair of Versaces

No, those are too big a cat eye like.

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Joint Partners With Amazon For The Light

Amazon Prime Medusa Sunglasses Commercial

Creative agency Joint, in partnership with Amazon, today unveiled the follow-ups to Amazons popular Prime Changes Everything campaign featuring light-hearted retellings of classic stories.

This time Medusa and Napoleon have been given a creative makeover and follow in the footsteps of the likes of Rapunzel and Cleopatra in having their stories updated with a contemporary twist.

The new creative launched in the US today with the campaign running on social media from the 3rd January.

The first advert features Medusa, the mythological snake-haired gorgon who is fed up with turning her friends to stone, so to fix this problem, she orders sunglasses with Prime One Day Delivery. Following this, shes free to make real friendships, show everyone her funny side while not accidentally killing potential friends. The advert spot is accompanied by Nicki Minajs track, Chun-Li.

In the retelling of Napoleonic history, after watching The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel on Prime Video, Napoleon realises his true calling is actually comedy. So, he uses Prime to order a microphone for stand up, and rather than conquering his enemies, he conquers his audience instead.

The campaign was written by PJ Kirby, Rory Robinson, Algy Sharman and Jack Brough, and directed by Wayne McClammy at Hungry Man.

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Who Is Jesi Le Rae

Born October 8, 1990, Rae, 31, has been seen in a number of productions over the years, including Westworld, Lazarus, and Ballers.

She has also been seen in multiple music videos for the hit songs “Often,” by The Weeknd, “Harley in Hawaii,” by Katy Perry, “Cool for the Summer,” by Demi Lovato, and “She Came to Give It to You,” by Usher and featuring Nicki Minaj and Pharrell Williams.

Whats The Song In The Amazon Medusa Commercial

The song used by Amazon for its Amazon Prime commercial starring Medusa is Chun-Li by Nicki Minaj. You can find the official video below.

The verses of the song that you can hear in the commercial are the following:

Ayy, yo, I been on, b***h, you been cornBentley tints on, Fendi prints on

The full lyrics of the song have the meaning of a rant Nicki Minaj expresses against people who envy her. She brags about what she is and she has, feeding intentionally the others envy.

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Ad Of The Day: Napoleon Turns To Stand

Listen to article4 min

Amazon has followed up its August Prime Changes Everything campaign by retelling the stories of Medusa and Napoleon for two 30-second ad spots.

The TV and social ads follow Amazons contemporary retelling of Rapunzel and Cleopatra, who had alternative happy endings after ordering from Prime.

Creative agency Joint is behind the campaign, which was written by PJ Kirby, Rory Robinson, Algy Sharman and Jack Brough, and directed by Wayne McClammy at Hungry Man.

The first ad features Medusa, who buys a pair of glasses from Prime to fix her problem of turning her friends into stone Nicki Minajs Chun-Li provides the backing track.

Napoleon on the other hand is an aspiring stand-up comedian after watching an episode of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel and orders a microphone to perform to his troops.

Who Plays Medusa In The Amazon Prime Commercial

In the new commercial, Medusa is seen buying new sunglasses through the service in order to show off her fun side.

“Medusa lived with a hideous curse. I mean the whole turning people to stone thing was a bit of a buzzkill right,” the narrator of the commercial said.

“So she ordered sunglasses with Prime one-day delivery, clever girl. People realized that she is actually hilarious once you get to know her.”

The actress behind the viral role is Jesi Le Rae.

The commercial also features Nicki Minaj’s song Chun-Li,” which is from her 2018 album Queen.

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