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Where To Buy Chanel Sunglasses

More About Chanel Sunglasses


We carry a wide variety, offering a frame for every face shape and embellishments for every sense of style.

The Chanel Cat Eye Sunglasses are sleek and minimalistic, featuring only a small CC logo on each arm. For a retro yet modern look, style them with a silk scarf tied in your hair and wear them low on your nose.

The Chanel Butterfly Sunglasses provide more protection from the sun. Oversized, they are perfect after a long night out or when you just do not want to be noticed. Find a pair that are studded or embossed with the houses signature quilting.

The Chanel Round Sunglasses add a little more dimension to your outfit. Choose between pairs shaped like perfect circles or cut with angular edges. If you are going for a boho look, the ones topped with faux pearls best accessorize a long, flowy dress.

The Chanel Pilot Sunglasses are classic aviators. Go basic with tortoise shell frames and dark lenses or dress it up with clear acetate frames and pink gold lenses. Either way, you can wear this style no matter your profession.

Wary about spending your money on a pair of pre-owned designer sunglasses? Priced around $250, ours are a steal! Save up to 50% on our Chanel Sunglasses.

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Holiday Return Policy: Items purchased between 10/15/22 and 12/31/22 are eligible for a full refund until 1/15/23. This policy includes the purchase of furs, watches and jewelry. Items returned within this window will be eligible for our free returns policy and will not incur a $9.95 return charge even if returned via mail. For items purchased after 12/31/22, returns are eligible for a full refund if returned within 30 days with a receipt. To ensure your item is covered by our free return policy, returns must be initiated within 14 days of the ship date. Returns initiated after 14 days will have a $9.95 return charge deducted from your refund. Full-priced merchandise, with the exception of furs, watches and jewelry, received after 30 days will be credited based on the current selling price. Returns of furs, watches and jewelry items will not be accepted after 30 days. All other merchandise can be returned up to one year after purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot exchange, replace or credit gourmet, monogrammed or personalized items. We recognize that returns are important to our customers. To ensure a positive shopping experience for all our customers, if we identify an unreasonable return pattern, we may restrict or refuse future transactions from such customers. For all returns, merchandise must be presented in saleable condition and established proof of purchase is required.

# Square Sunglasses With Pearls

The square Chanel sunglasses come with acetate and imitation pearls. Their lenses are black and polarized. Whats so cool about these sunglasses is that they are made in Italy. They come with 100% UVA-UVB Protection, a necessity these days. They are 18mm wide at the bridge. The frame of these sunglasses is 128mm, and the lens is 55m. But youve got the option of getting them adjusted from your nearest Chanel store for better fitting.

These sunglasses are priced at $845, and you can buy them from the store or online.

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Chanel Boutiques Don’t Sell Optical Glasses

Are you going on a shopping spree in New York, Paris or another big city? You may find the perfect pair of Chanel sunglasses while you’re browsing suits, handbags and fragrances. But you won’t find Chanel optical glasses at Chanel boutiques.

To find boutiques that carry Chanel sunglasses, you can use the Chanel store finder search tool and select “Chanel boutiques only” while checking the boxes for eyewear and sunglasses.

However, if you check only the box for eyeglasses while using the search tool, you’ll see a note stating that Chanel boutiques do not sell Chanel optical glasses.

# Square Sunglasses With Double Pearls

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These square Chanel sunglasses come with two acetate and imitation pears on each side. The pearls are located at the temples. The lenses are black, but not wholly. They have a gradient shade. These glasses come with 100% UVA Protection as well. The lenses are UV category filter 3. Whats even more appealing is that these glasses are prescription friendly. This fact fetches brownie points for this product. They are made in Italy. The dimensions of these sunglasses are the same as that of the above ones, but you can get them adjusted by visiting the nearest Chanel shop.

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Try On Chanel Glasses Virtually

It can be challenging to buy glasses online without physically trying them on. The Chanel site offers a virtual try-on tool that allows you to activate your camera and “try on” Chanel glasses offered at

You have to give the site permission to access your camera, then simply choose the style you want to try on. While not ideal, a virtual try-on tool may be the next best option to trying glasses on in person.

Buy Chanel Prescription Glasses At An Optical Shop

Want to buy Chanel prescription glasses in person so you can try them on, see how they fit and pick the perfect pair? Many eye doctors and independent optical shops sell Chanel frames that can be fitted with prescription lenses.

To find eye doctors and shops in your area that carry Chanel eyeglasses, go to the Chanel store locator tool and take these steps:

  • Plug your city, state and country into the search box.

  • Check the box next to the word “eyewear.”

  • Check the box for eyeglasses and uncheck the box for sunglasses.

Once you take those steps, you’ll see a list of optical shops that carry Chanel prescription glasses. It may be worth it to take a few minutes to contact nearby optical shops to verify that they carry Chanel glasses frames before you make a trip.

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# Butterfly Sunglasses With String Of Pearls

If youre looking for something extravagant or over-the-top, then these butterfly sunglasses with a string of pearls will be the right choice for you. These sunglasses are a perfect combo of Chanel sunglasses with strings and pearls. The pearls are made up of resin and glass. The frame is black and holds grey mirror lenses. These sunglasses are the ones that make other people see their reflection in the lens and not the wearer behind. Yes, these sunglasses are cool, but theyre also ridiculously expensive. You can buy them for $ 666.

Square Frames With Gold Chain Accent

Unboxing my NEW Chanel Sunglasses for 2022!

These square, rimless sunglasses have no shortage of detail, referencing Cocos iconic 2.55 handbag with a gold chain handle. Framing the outer portion of the lenses are gold chain accents, as well as along the arms of the sunglasses. For those feeling bold, a double chain attachment is included and can be added or removed.

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Chanel Sunglasses For Women Offer An Elegant Look

The Chanel name suggests impeccable taste. Chanel sunglasses reflect a posh style and quality workmanship. Find an array of luxurious Chanel sunglasses for women here on eBay.

How do you check for authentic Chanel sunglasses for women?

Naturally, you want authenticity when purchasing Chanel sunglasses. Fortunately, reputability matters here. These signs can assist you in verifying the authenticity of your Chanel sunglasses:

  • Look for the CC logo. Its often found on the arms or lenses. Font, color, and size will be uniform and consistent.
  • If your new or used Chanel sunglasses come with a box, it should include manufacturers information as well as a barcode.
  • After 1989, all Chanel sunglasses have the CC logo etched into the top of each lens. The serial number is etched into the bottom of the right lens.
  • Prior to 1989, Chanel only put the CC logo on the sunglasses, and it was usually placed on the arms.

Choosing affordable Chanel sunglasses for women

If you have a preference, check the materials used in the frames. Youll find metal, plastic, tortoise, acetate, leather, and blends with two or more of these materials. Often, the glare of the sun can be minimized using technology such as mirrored and anti-reflective coatings. Lenses may also be photochromatic, UV protected, polarized, or gradient.

What are some styles of sunglasses made by Chanel?

Depending on your face size and shape, look for stylish Chanel sunglasses in the following designs:

Cost Of Chanel Glasses

Chanel glasses are expensive enough that they could be considered a style investment. The prices of glasses frames on range from $370 to $1,600, with many styles available at the lower to middle end of that price range.

Chanel glasses all come with sample lenses , so plan on spending a few hundred dollars more for prescription lenses. The cost of your lenses will depend on the type of material you choose and whether you get extras such as anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch protection or blue light filtering.

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# Square Sunglasses Slightly Curved Toward The End

These Chanel sunglasses are square. They are slightly curved towards the end. They come with two acetate and imitation pearls attached to the temple. Theres a bigger pearl followed by a smaller one on each side. The frame is black. The lenses are polarized and gradient grey. To be honest, these glasses can make you look like a less serious and more classy version of James Bond. These glasses have a universal fit. You can buy them for $ 363 from any Chanel store.

Where To Buy Chanel Sunglasses

Buy online Vintage 00s Chanel Sport Sunglasses Brown Gradient Shades ...

When youre ready for a new pair of Chanel sunglasses, you can buy them using one of these purchase options:

  • Chanel The Chanel website sells the styles listed above, plus more, and offers complimentary shipping and returns. You can also purchase sunglasses in person at a Chanel boutique.

  • Sunglass Hut Sunglass Hut is a proud retailer of Chanel sunglasses and eyeglasses. You can browse through the selection online and purchase from the website or a local store when youre ready.

  • Saks Fifth Avenue While Saks Fifth Avenue sells Chanel sunglasses, they are only available to browse and purchase in the store.

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Chanel Glasses Shipping And Returns

So what are the shipping options and return policy when buying from Chanel? You get free shipping on Chanel frames with a choice of three shipping methods:

If you’re in a huge hurry to get your new glasses, FedEx Overnight is also available for an extra $20 fee.

Orders must be placed by 3 p.m. Eastern time to be processed that day, and orders are processed and shipped only on weekdays.

Can you return Chanel glasses? Chanel eyewear is returnable for a refund within 14 days of purchase. However, to return any Chanel eyewear, the glasses must have their original sample lenses and the original tag still attached to be accepted. If you have them fitted with prescription lenses, they cannot be returned.

To start a return, you can call Chanel customer service at 800-550-0005 or reach a representative by filling out an online form.

# Chanel Rare Collector Sunglasses

These Chanel glasses are probably the most extravagant ones on this list. They are a 1994 piece and are pretty rare today. These glasses are round in shape. What sets them apart is their unique design. They have pearls attached all around them. You must add these to your exquisite collection if youre a sunglass collector. But only if you can afford such an expensive addition. Because these glasses are also the most expensive ones on this listthey are priced at $12,950.

Final Words

Alright, Chanel lovers! These were some Chanel sunglasses with Pearls that you can buy. In this article, we looked at some great options. This article included there was something for everyone! If youre a minimalistic person, you can go for simple round or square Chanel sunglasses with pearls. If you want to be a little extra, you can opt for Chanel sunglasses with pearls at the top. And, if youre a collector of rare pieces, then the Chanel rare collector sunglasses will be a perfect addition to your collection!

I hope you found this article interesting! Let me know which sunglasses you liked the best! Stay tuned with us for more such content!

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Looking For Chanel Reading Glasses

If you want a stylish pair of Chanel reading glasses to help you decipher menus, catch up on email or delve into a novel, you’ll need to get a pair made for you. Chanel doesn’t sell off-the-shelf readers at

Fortunately, if you love the brand, you can choose a pair of Chanel frames and have a local optician fit them with prescription reading lenses.

Where To Buy Chanel Glasses

Chanel Butterfly Pearl Sunglasses | UNBOXING | Review | Up Close | Try On

If you love the iconic Parisian style of the Chanel brand, you may want a pair of the designer glasses to complete your look. There’s good news: You can now buy Chanel glasses online at as well as at select optical shops.

Chanel got its start in 1910 with a boutique in Paris and has since become known for its quilted gold-chain handbags, distinctive fragrances and stylish eyewear, which can be hard to find. Here’s an overview of the experience of buying Chanel glasses at, including selection, prices, virtual try-on and shipping, as well as a list of other places to buy Chanel glasses.

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Here Are Some Cool Chanel Sunglasses With Pearls

So, before we start, let me give you a little disclaimer. You may think that some of these look a little flimsy or fragile. But, you dont need to worry! Because one of the things that Chanel products are known for is their durability! In fact, it is said that Coco Chanel has a durability test done on each of her bags to ensure that they last for decades! Honestly, while buying Chanel products, like those Chanel bags with rhinestones that youve been eyeing for so long, you only need to be worried about your bank balance. Because quality is already guaranteed!

History Of The Chanel Brand

Gabrielle Chanel was born in Saumur, France, in 1883. In 1910, Coco opened Chanel Modes, a hat boutique at 21 rue Cambon in Paris. The hats she created helped establish her reputation in the fashion industry.

Coco launched her own clothing boutique in Deauville in 1912. A year later, she started selling a sportswear line made with jersey, a material that had previously been used to create mens underwear. Cocos use of this material made the line wildly successful and revolutionized fashion.

This success allowed Coco to open several Couture House boutiques throughout France, including locations in Biarritz and another in Paris at 31 rue Cambon. She released Chanel N°5 in 1921, her first of many fragrances, followed by the launch of her makeup collection in 1924 and her skincare line in 1927.

During the mid to late 1950s, Coco created some of her most iconic pieces:

  • The quilted 2.55 handbag accented with a gold chain

  • The trimmed tweed suit

The magic that Coco brought to the Chanel brand came to an end in 1971, when she died at 87 years old. Following her death, Karl Lagerfeld was named artistic director of the Chanel brand in 1983 and continued Cocos legacy.

Chanel launched a travel collection in 1999, working with Luxottica to offer a line of Chanel glasses and sunglasses.

To this day, the Chanel brand continues to lead the fashion industry by creating beautiful, classic styles.

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Chanel Glasses For Women

The Chanel site shines when it comes to glasses for women. Here are a few of the most popular styles Chanel offers online:

  • Square Eyeglasses These classic-but-trendy oversized acetate and metal glasses for women come in four colors: black, transparent gray, tortoise and dark tortoise. Cost of frames: $480

  • Pilot Eyeglasses This stylish two-tone take on aviators comes in two colors: black with metal accents and gold with gray accents. Cost of frames: $540

  • Cat Eye Eyeglasses These acetate cat-eye glasses with a metal Chanel logo at the temples come in black, brown, blue and dark tortoise. Cost of frames: $450

  • Round Eyeglasses These round glasses for women, on the more affordable end of the Chanel price range, come in seven colors, including brown, light pink, and a two-tone, black-with-beige option. Cost of frames: $370

  • Butterfly Eyeglasses At the high end of the Chanel price spectrum, these metal butterfly glasses come with a removable metal-and-leather chain and five charms. They come in four colors: black, silver with burgundy, gold with black, and gold with green. Cost of frames: $1,600

What about Chanel glasses for men? The glasses offered on the Chanel website are mostly geared toward women. There are a few glasses frames that tend more toward a unisex look, so men may want to shop around the site and consider using the virtual try on tool for these glasses.

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