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Where To Buy Cheap Glasses

What We Didnt Like About Warby Parker

Prescription Glasses in Canada | Where to Buy Cheap & Affordable Glasses | LensCrafters Review

Warby Parkers design approach is minimal to a fault, and the sites clean look does a nice job setting off the frames visually, and is in keeping with the overall aesthetic, but makes some important information a little more obscure than wed like.

Also, the shopping approach is very much mobile-first: the desktop browser version of the sites virtual try-on tools can give you a general idea of how a frame might look, but they are much less developed than those within the Warby Parker mobile app . Wed love to see these features brought more in line , and fuller information for each frame supplied in both the browser and mobile versions of the shop.

Standard measurements lens width, bridge, and arm length for each frame are given, but where some competitors have begun providing lens height youll just have to go ahead and order the home try-on kit or visit a Warby Parker retail store to confirm what you like will work for you thats fine, but it makes it harder to rule frames in or out in the first round of a shopping venture. While searching the site you can filter frames by width , you cant search the collection by size in millimeters we appreciated this feature in our top picks shops.

Picking The Right Frames

Once youre armed with your facial measurements, you can use those numbers to compare them against the dimensions of different frames. You can also use an old pair of glasses to find out where to start, since the measurements of most frames are printed inside the glasses arm.

The first number refers to the width of one lens in millimetres, the second to the width of the bridge , and the third to the length of one temple arms.

Fugulin recommends the following guidelines when shopping for frames, which will help ensure the best possible fit.

  • The upper rim should follow your brow line, which allows for the glasses to blend in harmoniously with your features.

  • Your eyes should be centred in each lens. This is useful for both aesthetic and optical reasons: it ensures optimal vision as well as a pleasant symmetry.

  • The lower rim shouldnt touch your cheeks. This can cause all sorts of discomforts, like fogging up, slipping off your nose or leaving red marks on your skin.

Many websites offer customer services like virtual try-on technology, which lets you upload a photo and see how a pair of glasses may fit on your face before you buy. Unfortunately theyre not entirely foolproof, so you can always schedule a time to chat with a virtual stylist who can help determine the best glasses for your face if youre still unsure.

How To Buy Cheap Glasses Faqs

Should I buy cheap glasses?

There is no reason not to buy cheap prescription glasses because, for the low price that you pay, you get to own a quality pair that will last you for a long time. The prices are so low that you can easily even afford to buy a second pair so that you always have a backup pair. They cost so little that you can even buy a cheap pair with extra features for a pittance.

What are the reasons to shop for cheap prescription glasses?

The biggest reason to buy cheap glasses is their low-price tags. You can even stack your savings by taking advantage of special deals which allows you to save even more money by using a valid coupon code.

Is it hard to buy cheap glasses?

Nothing could be easier than buying cheap prescription glasses. You can order low-cost eyeglasses from the comfort of your couch in a matter of minutes. There is no need to go anywhere because there are so many options available to you when you visit a good online store. Whats more, it is easy to pick up cheap glasses that are of very good quality from the right online store.

How affordable are cheap prescription glasses

Cheap glasses are very affordable. If you have a limited budget then these are the best eyeglasses for you. You can buy a nice pair of cheap prescription eyeglasses at a very low price. Online stores charge less than a comparable offline store and the good news is that their quality is as good if not better than what you would buy at a regular store.

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Take Time To Comparison Shop

Before you decide where to buy your glasses, take the time to consider the following factors:

  • The cost of an eye exam
  • The cost of glasses
  • The quality of the glasses
  • Customer service and follow-up care

If youre shopping online, you can look up the specs and prices of available glasses to compare. For in-store shopping, you might have to call your nearest location or visit in person to get an accurate estimate.

If youre looking to get an eye exam, . For a comparison beyond price, you can also look up the names of eye doctors in your area and search for patient reviews online. Online reviews may also be a good way to get an idea of the overall customer service experience and product quality.

Get A Current Prescription : Buy Optical Reading Glasses for Man and Woman ...

For new prescriptions: No matter which online prescription glasses store you choose, youll need a current prescription. In most cases, this means youll have to make an appointment with your regular eye doctor first. Some stores, like Warby Parker, allow you to schedule an eye exam right through the website, but the actual exams are still done in person. Its important for your eye doctor to get a close look at your eyes to make sure everything is healthy and functioning as it should.

For renewing prescriptions: That said, there is an exception when it comes to renewing prescriptions. Some sites, including Warby Parker, let you renew your prescription via a virtual vision test, but only if your health qualifies and your current prescription is still working for you. Itll likely cost you, but not much .

Interpreting your prescription: When it comes to getting and inputting your prescription, here are the values youll need :

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What We Liked About Lensdirect

Both pairs of glasses we got from LensDirect a retro-styled chunky acetate frame and a Wayfarer-like sunglass frame were of very high quality throughout . Lenses were accurately cut, the finish of the frame was excellent and fit corresponded reasonably well with what we expected from given sizing and virtual try-on tools.

Pricing is middle of the range for online shops a basic pair with single-vision lenses, no tints and standard coatings starts at $74 progressives with high-index photochromic lenses will end up in the $400 to $500 range depending on style and specifics at least before discounts. As with many of the shops we looked at, youll want to look out for special offers, sales and coupon codes the savings can be pretty significant, knocking $100 or more off the final cost.

LensDirect also offers a lens replacement service the company will take a frame you already own and replace the lenses , and while we didnt test this or similar services , theyre certainly an alternative if you own expensive frames you already like that arent overly worn.

Since we received a damaged frame, we did need to deal with LensDirects customer support, and we were impressed with its handling of the situation. Every representative we interacted with was very responsive and helpful.

Liingo Eyewear From $5925

My favorite online eyewear store isnt the cheapest place to find eyeglasses, but it offers a tremendous balance of quality and value.

Utah-based Liingo Eyewear sells premium eyeglasses at a remarkably affordable price.

A complete pair of glasses at Liingo Eyewear including designer-quality frames and prescription lenses normally start at $79. Use coupon code MODERNFELLOWS to take 25% off your Liingo Eyewear order, bringing the total cost of a pair of glasses to as little as $59.25.

I love that Liingo doesnt nickel-and-dime you on their lenses. Liingos free lenses are made of premium polycarbonate and are 20% thinner and 30% lighter than standard lenses. They include 100% UV protection as well as DuraSeal anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings included.

Liingo eyewear also offers a terrific home try on program, free shipping, free returns and a 60 day delight guarantee, allowing you to send back your glasses for any reason.

Im wearing their Murray eyeglass frames in tortoise slate as I type this. See my review of Liingo Eyewear or the video below for a deeper dive into the brand.

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What Are The Advantages Of Buying Glasses Online

Learning how to buy glasses online has several benefits. Perhaps the most obvious is that you dont have to leave your homeinstead, your frames are shipped to you when theyre ready.

Shopping for glasses online also removes the pressure that often motivates in-store purchases after an eye appointment. You can browse at your leisure, at any time of day, for however long you like. Glasses bought online are also often more affordable than those purchased at an optical shop .

Finally, ordering glasses online gives you access to a broader catalog of frames than you might find in a store. You can look at the same style of frame in different colors, compare prices, filter for certain attributes you like, and try on glasses at home or virtually.

If youre someone who enjoys the physical experience of shopping for frames in a store, however, dont let us stop you! We have many Warby Parker locations for you to peruse and try on eyeglasses.

Chart: Where Can You Buy The Cheapest Prescription Glasses Online

TIJN Eyewear HONEST REVIEW & TRY-ON | Where to buy *cheap* prescription glasses online!

The price of the glasses reflects the cheapest available frames at list price and basic single-vision prescription lenses. The prices listed in the chart do not include shipping fees, which generally add about $4-$8 to the total cost .

Costco $104.99

Some of the cheapest options for buying prescription glasses online include Zenni Optical, Eyebuydirect, Goggles4U, Liingo Eyewear, Diff Eyewear, Vint and York and Warby Parker. is one of the cheapest places to buy designer prescription eyeglasses from brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada and Persol.

If you find cheaper prescription glasses or if you have had a positive or negative experience with any of these companies please share your perspective in the comments.

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What We Liked About Glassesusa

Shopping tools begin with a style quiz that aims to point you in the right direction based on some questions about what youre currently wearing, along with your stylistic and brand preferences. It got us in the ballpark pretty effectively, but you can fine-tune to be as general or specific as you like.

From there you can use a very well-implemented virtual try-on service that lets you upload an image , and GlassesUSA also provides interesting tools like a prescription scanner that lets you scan your existing glasses if you dont have a copy handy. The GlassesUSA virtual try-on tool asks you to place crosshairs on your pupils to take a virtual PD measurement, then to enter your actual PD if known this made for about the most accurate sizing of any of the virtual try-on tools we tested, in line with Eyebuydirects great tool.

Pricing is on the low end so long as you take advantage of the companys frequent sales and discount codes. If you sign up for an account youll get daily coupon offers a blessing and a curse if you like to save money but dont like marketing emails. The discount codes can save you a lot of money we regularly saw 40% off or buy-one-get-one-free offers that amounted to very significant savings. If youre interested in any of GlassesUSAs frames, youll want to sign up for an account and keep an eye on the sites coupons and promotions page.

The Best Places To Buy Glasses Online

After additional testing, including ordering glasses with single-vision and photochromic prescription lenses, we still think Eyebuydirect and Zenni Optical are the best online glasses retailers for most people.

People who want to use certain vision insurance benefits without having to file a claim after purchase, or folks who want the option to buy or get frames fitted in a store, may prefer ordering from Lenscrafters or Target Optical, which also offer online-only ordering.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can save hundreds of dollars by buying prescription eyeglasses online instead of through an optician. After performing more than 120 hours of research over four years, talking to eight eye-care professionals, and testing dozens of comparable frame-and-lens pairings from 12 retailers since 2017, we recommend that you start your online glasses search at Eyebuydirect. It offers an extensive, easy-to-search selection of quality frames, multiple lens and coating options, and affordable prices when compared with the prominent competition.

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Cheap Eyeglasses With Trendy Frame Styles

The ABBE eyeglasses are cheap enough to fit everyone’s budget. With a spectrum of combinations, there is a pair to fit every face type from classic to trendy. Our cheap eyeglasses come in a variety of frame styles. Whether you want a large or small frame, we have cheap glasses to fit your unique personality.

Our Cheap Eyeglasses Collection

Reading Glasses Women Reading Glasses Men Oversized Cheap Eyeglasses ...

We offer an exclusive range of Single Vision prescription eyeglasses for just $9. We firmly believe in not hiding any hidden costs for highly recommended ‘optional extras’ so each pair in our cheap eyeglasses range includes a FREE scratch-resistant coating, full UV protection, and anti-reflection treatment! We strongly believe you will be hard pushed to find a better value pair of eyeglasses complete with UV, Anti-Reflection, and Scratch Resistant coatings anywhere else.

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What We Liked About Warby Parker

Warby Parker built its reputation on its home try-on program: Before the practice was widely adopted the company made it easy to try things on in person even if you dont live near a Warby Parker location. Once youre found some frames youre interested in you put together a list of up to five frames, place a no-cost order, and the company will send out a home try-on kit of frames with clear lenses for you to check out .

The virtual try-on tool in the Warby Parker app gave us a good idea of what might work for us, so we requested a home try-on kit of five likely candidates aiming for a range of sizes that would give us an idea of the overall dimensions of Warby Parker stuff, then picked one and went ahead and placed an order. Warby Parker doesnt do any photo-based fitting based on the home-try on the samples are strictly intended to give you a better idea of what fits and how itll look.

Warby Parker is an in-network provider for many insurance plans and provides links to apply for out-of-network reimbursement for many others. The company estimates you can save an average of $100 on a pair of glasses each year by using insurance, bringing its average prices down significantly, especially for single-vision prescriptions.

We quite liked the retro-styled Kimball frames we ended up ordering, though the acetate had a couple of rough edges that needed a little emery cloth and polishing .

Why Is Lensmart One Of The Best Places To Buy Cheap Glasses

When it comes to shopping for cheap glasses, Lensmart is one of the best places to buy cheap glasses online for several reasons. Here is why you should shop at Lensmart.

Quality glasses: That you are looking for cheap glasses doesnt mean you should settle for substandard quality. This is where Lensmart reigns supreme. Lensmart glasses are premium quality so when you buy from them, expect nothing but the best. Their glasses are made with durable materials that will not irritate your skin or eyes. And most of them are lightweight glasses that can be worn for hours with no complaint.

Prices: Lensmart glasses are sold at customer-friendly prices. Did you know that you can buy glasses at this store for under $7? That’s right? Quality glasses that many other stores will sell for $20 and above. There are different quality products each commanding the appropriate prices. So rest assured you will find good eyewear within your price range.

Free Return: Another reason why Lensmart is a good brand to buy from is due to its free return policy. While other stores may charge you for a return, Lensmart offers this service at no extra cost to you. This free return policy is one reason why many buyers shop here.

Different styles: The store has different types of glasses such as

Lensmart is one of the major brands and the best place to buy cheap glasses online.

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What We Liked About Eyebobs

Like Caddis, Eyebobs has dug in on quirky, fun looks, with a selection of frames ranging from the chunky to the downright sculptural in a broad spectrum of colors to match with any ensemble. Even the names are fun.

Since the looks on offer can be fairly extreme, Eyebobs has plenty of assistance to walk you through the process. A quiz gets you in the ballpark, and a virtual try-on tool gives you an accurate preview of how the frames might look on your face.

If thats not sufficient, Eyebobs has a team of personal stylists to assist you. During the shopping process, you can set up a free appointment to talk through some frames that might suit your personal taste .

Pricing is simple and reasonable, if not cheap. All of Eyebobs frames are priced the same: Readers are $95, sunglasses $135, basic single-vision pairs start at $245 and pairs made with all of the possible options top out at $485.

We ordered a pair of Waylaid readers in a crystal gray shade that while not on the more extreme end of Eyebobs style suited our look. They arrived within a week the fit lined up perfectly with our expectations based on try-on with the mobile app, and we were impressed with the fit and finish.

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