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Where To Buy Non Prescription Reading Glasses

Measure Your Pupillary Distance

Buying prescription glasses online: What they don’t tell you

In addition to a current prescription, youll also need your pupillary distance , which is the distance, measured in millimeters, between the centers of your pupils. This number is essential because it represents the spot on the lens that youll actually be looking through. If its off, you may be left with blurry or distorted lenses.

For the most accurate results, your best bet is to have your eye doctor measure pupillary distance during your eye exam and give you that number with your prescription. Theres also the option of using apps, like EyeMeasure, or online tools, like Warby Parkers PD measuring tool.

How Do I Pick The Right Reading Glasses For Me

Before selecting your reading glasses even the over-the-counter kind visit with your eye care professional. Experts recommend a yearly eye exam to check for problems like glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration, even after youve gotten reading glasses.

For computer work, most people can get by with low-power reading glasses , Wang says. For reading things that are closer, stronger glasses might be in order . As you age, the power you need likely will increase.

Wang notes that some people require one lens power for general up-close reading and another power for extended reading like computer use meaning that just one pair of reading glasses might not do the trick.

Pierce warns that headaches, eyestrain and even nausea can result from putting on reading glasses that dont have the proper lens power.

Once youve determined the right power, then focus on glasses with high-quality lenses and sturdy frames, Wang recommends.

Depending on the quality, a pair of over-the-counter nonprescription reading glasses can cost anywhere from $1 to $50 or more a pair of prescription eyeglasses easily can cost $200 and up.

Lower-quality, less expensive reading glasses may be made with low-quality lens materials, which can cause vision distortion, color distortion or glare. This can contribute to difficulty focusing when reading. It is worth spending a little extra to get better visual quality, Wang says.

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More About Our Mens Reading Glasses

We learnt a long time ago that the men as well as the ladies like to stray from the staid and into the bright and bubbly when it comes to reading eyewear. That is why our mens reading glass range contains over 150 different styles. We recommend that our male customers use our handy filtering tools to pinpoint an ideal pair of reading glasses from the array of choices available. We hesitate to mention it but some men tend to be clumsy with their reading glasses! That is why we put a lot of focus on build quality as well as design. Many items in our product range feature strong chunky frames and robust hinges. We are so confident in our products that we offer our own 28 day no-quibble returns policy. Even so, our male customers may like to get a spare pair of readers. We have you covered. Buy any 2 pairs of specs from our complete stock list and we will hand you back a £5 discount off the total bill. Unlike many online retailers, we are UK based and display our telephone number on the site. If you need to speak to a real person we are always on hand to help. You can also stay in touch via social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

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Is It Safe To Donate Your Glasses

In short, yes, its safe to donate glasses you no longer use or need. Assuming you do not have a contagious disease and that you wipe down your glasses thoroughly with rubbing alcohol before you donate them, there are no health issues with this kind of donation

You do want to make sure that you give to a reputable charitable organization that is going to distribute the frames and lenses in a proper manner.

There are many people across the globe who need vision care and do not have access to it, including prescriptions glasses. According to the WHO, 2.2 billion people are diagnosed with different vision impairments that affect their independence, mental health, and cognition. Unfortunately, some of them cannot afford eyeglasses to correct their impairment.

Donating your eyeglasses to those who need them helps patients regain their independence while improving their quality of life. Furthermore, it reduces the environmental waste attributed to dumped eyeglasses.

What Styles Of Reading Glasses Are Available

Read Optics 2 Pack Vintage Cats Eye Reading Glasses: +2.00 Womens Non ...

Selecting a suitable pair of reading glasses is a very personal choice. At Tiger Specs we stock a wide range of different types and styles all offering exceptional value for money. This includes options for both men and women such as classic, retro and rimless designs as well as an array of colours from traditional black and tortoiseshell to blue, multi-coloured patterns and even neon! Many of our styles feature spring hinges for optimal fit and comfort. We work hard to provide only the highest quality glasses and every pair is checked on dispatch and backed by our six month guarantee.

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Are Reading Glasses And Prescription Glasses The Same

While reading glasses and prescription glasses are often considered to be the same thing, they have differences. Over-the-counter reading glasses come with a preset magnification strength and have the same prescription in both lenses. You would typically find these in chemists and even some department stores. They are less expensive and do not provide a full correction for individuals which can include astigmatism. They are also not made for long term use as they can cause eyestrain and discomfort. Prescription eyeglasses can be custom-made to give the proper prescription your eyes need. Not all people have the same prescription in both eyes, and frames sit differently on each persons face so by being able to custom make the lenses, we can provide the best quality of vision for each person. You also might find that different styles of eyewear suit you better than others.

When Should You Get Prescription Glasses

Prescription lenses are more suitable if you require a different correction for each eye or have astigmatism. This is because the wrong prescription can cause eye strain in adults. For children, it can make their eye condition worse.

Over-the-counter eyeglasses offer the same prescription in both lenses, even though most people have one eye stronger than the other. On the other hand, eyeglasses bought through an eye doctor are customized to suit your eye prescription.

Fake glasses with magnifying lenses also cannot correct nearsightedness or astigmatism. In such cases, bifocal or progressive eyeglasses are a more suitable choice.

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Fake Glasses As Reading Glasses

Off-the-rack non-prescription glasses are also popular for people who need reading glasses. These non-prescription reading glasses consist of two magnifying lenses mounted into an eyeglass frame.

Like prescription glasses, these frames offer varying degrees of magnification or refraction. This usually ranges from +1.00 to +3.50 diopters.

These non-prescription fake glasses may work for some people who require the same refraction in both eyes or can see in just one eye. However, most people are better off investing in a professional eye exam instead especially if they require reading glasses.

Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

Prescription & Non-prescription Glasses Review And Try On Haul | VlookGlasses x Lindsay Erin

Eyebuydirect reported data breaches in 2015, 2018, and 2019. Following the most recent incident, reported in October 2019, the company issued a letter to customers stating that it was not sure whether any shoppers personal information had been compromised, and recommending that people monitor their credit card statements for suspected fraudulent activities. This, of course, is not ideal. But considering how common such occurrences are in e-commerce, we view these events as unfortunate but not necessarily disqualifying. In 2021, the company offered customers who reported fraudulent activity on credit cards associated with purchases at Eyebuydirect a year of free identity detection and identity-theft resolution services, a spokesperson wrote in an email. We will continue to monitor Eyebuydirects response to the situation.

The company always offers a 20% discount for students and veterans this may or may not be better than another coupon and cannot be combined with other offers.

Although Eyebuydirect generally has strong Better Business Bureau customer reviews, some customer reviewers have cited poor customer service. A few Wirecutter readers have reported difficulty unsubscribing from the companys promotional emails. A spokesperson said that anyone who experiences issues with the email unsubscribe function or updating the contact preferences associated with their customer account can contact the company directly in order to be removed from the distribution list.

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Warranty And/or Return Policy

While some companies dont offer any type of guarantee on their reading glasses, others have some version of a return policy and, in some cases, a warranty. If this is something that matters to you, check to make sure the company has an acceptable policy in place.

Keep in mind that if you are using higher numbers of correction, this means you will need closer working distances and you should see an eye doctor to find out if you may have a condition affecting your vision.

Just Glasses Is Your Number One Supplier Of Ready To Buy Reading Glasses Uk

Where to buy non prescription reading glasses we understand can be a tricky process. This is why our expert dispatchers test every pair of eyeglasses before adding it to our collections. With 10 years of experience in supplying designer non prescription reading glasses online, we pride ourselves on meeting our clients expectations regarding quality, accessibility, and service.

When purchasing ready readers from Just Glasses, youll get:

The best spectacles online in the UK without no compromises on quality

Cheap Eyewear Glasses for Reading starting from £8.00

Lens strengths from 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0,3.5

Exclusive designs

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What Are The Highest And Lowest

The lowest-strength reading glasses have powers of +0.25 diopters, whereas high-strength ones can go well beyond +2.50 dioptersin rare cases, all the way up to +4.00.

When you need reading glasses beyond +2.75 diopters or so, you may have to get them custom ordered. These higher strengths arent as readily available online or in stores.

Readers may not work for all people. For instance, someone who is nearsighted may not find a reading glasses strength that works for them. When in doubt, seek the advice of your eye doctor.

Why Do So Many Asians Wear Spectacles

Reading Glasses Bifocals Non Prescription Uk

It has spread to epidemic proportions and is fast becoming a global public health issue. So, why are there so many Asians who are afflicted? The lengthening of the eye is caused by two basic factors: environmental and hereditary. Environmental influences such as time spent in school and time spent outdoors have been discovered in previous study. 22.09.2018

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How To Fit Glasses

If you already wear glasses that fit, youve got a head start on finding and buying new ones. Take a favorite pair of frames and look at the inside arm: Youll probably find three numbers that tell you, in order from the left, the lens width, the bridge width, and the temple arm length. If not, and you remember where you bought your last pair of specs, give the shop a call. Thats what I did with my favorite pair of glasses, which were unmarked . The store was happy to give me the frame measurements and designer over the phone, since Id purchased the glasses there.

Of the retailers we tested, Eyebuydirect, Firmoo, GlassesUSA, and Zenni Optical allow you to limit viewable frames to a variety of toggleable desired size parameters. Note that even when a frame has nearly the exact same official measurements as another, style and fit can vary dramatically.

If you dont have frames that you already know fit, youll probably need to try some on, either in person or through the in-home try-on services. Though the virtual try-on services are better than nothing, especially for a seasoned glasses wearer who knows their face, to find flattering frames, a novice in need of specs should probably take a bit more care the first go-round.

Likewise, if the temple arms are too long for you, the glasses can slip forward and off your face or dig in behind your ears, an issue that can sometimes be mitigated with an in-person fitting with a professional .

Get A Current Prescription

For new prescriptions: No matter which online prescription glasses store you choose, youll need a current prescription. In most cases, this means youll have to make an appointment with your regular eye doctor first. Some stores, like Warby Parker, allow you to schedule an eye exam right through the website, but the actual exams are still done in person. Its important for your eye doctor to get a close look at your eyes to make sure everything is healthy and functioning as it should.

For renewing prescriptions: That said, there is an exception when it comes to renewing prescriptions. Some sites, including Warby Parker, let you renew your prescription via a virtual vision test, but only if your health qualifies and your current prescription is still working for you. Itll likely cost you, but not much .

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Wowsun Unisex Stylish Nerd Glasses

In the world of hipsterism, the term stylish nerd would sound redundant, but these glasses emphasize it for a reason. After all, everything about these specs exhibits nerd sexiness to the core.

The frame is where all the magic happens. It sports that attractive gloss, which I think complements its black hues at least, thats what the WOWSUN glasses I got looks to me. It was actually gifted to me by my girlfriend , and she is all too quick to attach words like super cute to it. I agree as well.

And I think these glasses larger than normal size superbly accentuate their simple style, belying a certain oomph. The relatively broad lenses you can fit in them not only open up opportunities to use blue light lenses and other specialized lenses but their size also means you get more protective cover in the eye area. Pretty useful in these pandemic-riddled times.

Though made of plastic, you can immediately feel its relative sturdiness, which is, again, aided by its size. It has survived numerous falls on my part , and I can certainly attest to its durability. But, considering the price, I suggest you dont get carried away.

  • Sturdy despite being made of plastic
  • Only works best with certain hairstyles

Do Reading Glasses Require A Prescription

Buying Prescription Glasses Online VS In Store

By Laura Evans

Do you need a prescription for reading glasses? No, you dont.

Thats one of many misconceptions and much confusion when it comes to reading glasses, such as will buying over-the-counter readers make my vision worse? And of course, Why do I need reading glasses?

The vast majority of purchases in the readers category are for non-prescription also called OTC or “over-the-counter” readers, says Jon Corwyn, director of growth marketing at

You do not need a prescription to buy reading glasses, he adds. Non-prescription readers do of course still have a specific lens magnification, typically ranging from +0.25 to +6.00, called a power or strength.

The need for prescription vs. non-prescription readers ultimately depends on your vision condition.

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Measuring Vision Correction And The Need For Prescription Reading Glasses

The eye is similar to any other organ in the body, making it susceptible to several issues affecting vision. Therefore, it is quite common for individuals to lose the ability to focus on small print or objects at a distance, also known as Presbyopia. Here is when the need to measure vision and work to help in better vision comes into focus.

As Presbyopia affects people above the age of 40, having a pair of high-quality reading glasses can help. Although these can be bought over the counter, getting a prescription pair of reading glasses is better. With the help of a proper eye care provider, the level of vision issues being caused due to Presbyopia can be understood.

  • Over-the-counter reading glasses do not have their strength mentioned. Therefore, it can cause further vision issues like eye strain or headaches. Prescription reading glasses are customised, which can help in reducing vision issues.
  • Poor lens quality in over-the-counter reading glasses is another reason individuals purchase a pair of prescription reading glasses.
  • The lens strength can differ in both eyes, so it is important to have a pair of prescription reading glasses to ensure both eyes have proper vision.
  • The benefit of having regular eye exams is that common vision issues are detected at an early stage. It also ensures that any other serious vision issues like macular degeneration, glaucoma, or other vision issues are addressed quickly.

    What The Experts Say

    Reading glasses are particularly important for people over the age of 45, especially when they haven’t needed to wear glasses before. And even though they are called reading glasses, they are designed to be used for any close tasks, including using mobile phones.Bhavin Shah, MCOptom, a behavioral optometrist at Central Vision Opticians in London, England

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    What Makes Us Reading Lenses Expert

    Nikon Lenswear has been creating high-quality reading glass lenses for individuals above the age of 40. Due to their dedication to attention to detail, attentiveness to protecting eyes, and precision, their lenses for reading glasses have been one of the most well-known products. So, when an individual is looking for a good pair of reading glasses, it is important to ensure that the eye care provider mentions the benefits of having lenses from Nikon Lenswear to the individual.

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