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Where To Buy Prescription Glasses Online

How To Interpret Your Prescription

How To Buy Glasses Online At

Perhaps you have a prescription from a recent appointment with your eye doctor. But as you look at it, you wonder what its telling you. It may be displayed as a grid or a chart or it may just be scribbled in the doctors handwriting. The good news is that quality online prescription glasses retailers can help you make sense of your prescription.

Single vision prescriptions These prescriptions include the abbreviations O.D., O.S., SPH, CYL, AXIS and PD. Carefully transfer the numbers written in those categories to the appropriate places online. Notice that SPH and CYL always have a + or – with them. These are very important to include.

Multifocal prescriptions Prescriptions for bifocals or progressive glasses will have ADD or NV with a plus sign + and possibly D.V. for distance vision/nearsightedness and N.V. for near vision/reading.

PRISM prescriptions This type of prescription will include values for PRISM and BASE, which correct for eye misalignment problems, such as double vision .

Americas Best Contacts & Eyeglasses

Eye Exam Cost: $50Starting Cost for Glasses: $29.95Best for: Cheapest eye exam

Americas Best is another place to consider buying your next pair of glasses. While an eye exam is typically $50 and glasses start at $29.95 each, Americas Best offers a deal including two pairs of glasses and an eye exam for $79.95 total. That makes each pair of glasses $39.98 and the eye exam free!

Unfortunately, Americas Best is ranked 29th out of 33 onConsumer Reports survey and gets below-average scores for both the quality of frames and lenses and policies. The retailer also has a considerable number of low scores from theBetter Business Bureau,Consumer Affairs andYelp.

If youre looking for a great deal on simple prescription lenses in plastic frames or a cheap eye exam, Americas Best may be an option for you. However, if you listen to customer reviews, getting your eyes checked at Sams Club and buying your glasses at Zenni may leave you happier in the long run.

Before you decide where to make your purchase, read thesefive things to know about Americas Best.

The Best Place To Buy Glasses In

If youre more comfortable with seeing an eye doctor and ordering frames the traditional way, Costco Optical may be worth visiting.

Consumer Reports takes a look regularly at eyeglass retailers, and its website says Costco Optical is currently the #1 best place to buy glasses in America. According to Clark, this isnt surprising.

The customer service is extraordinary, much like youd find at an independent doctor of optometry, he says. The big difference is how much money you save at Costco and the service after the sale. If youre not happy, they give you your money back unless state law prohibits it.

In addition to Costco, a number of other optical centers are also ranked highly by Consumer Reports, including each of the retailers listed below. To see the full list of Consumer Reports rankings, youll need to subscribe. The current rate for a digital subscription is $39 per year.

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Where To Get Eyeglasses

Eyebuydirect can save you hundreds of dollars when purchasing prescription glasses online. We offer a variety of styles, as well as multiple lens options, at an affordable price without compromising the quality of your glasses! On top of that, we provide a 365-Day Guarantee and 14-Day Free Returns policy.

Ordering Glasses Online With A Prescription : Buy VCKA Fashion Reading Glasses Men Women Presbyopia ...

Many people purchase prescription glasses through online retailers like us. Just like eyeglasses you might buy from an optical shop, eyeglasses that you order online can accommodate almost any prescription and help you see clearly.

Your glasses dont even need to be prescriptionif youre looking for reading glasses or trendy frames without any vision correction, you can find and order those online too.

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What To Consider Before Ordering Prescription Glasses Online

Its important to have some criteria in mind before you start shopping for glasses. Knowing the length of your nose bridge, your prescription, your pupillary distance , and your general face shape will prevent you from being disappointed when the glasses arrive.

If you havent had an eye exam in a while, some stores will be able to verify aspects of your prescription, but we recommend going to an eye doctor and ensuring that your prescription is up-to-date before you start shopping, as some glasses retailers wont produce your lenses until they have a prescription printout from a doctor or they verify with your doctor that your prescription information is correct.

In addition, having some idea of your own shopping habits will make the entire process much easier. If youre willing to wait for a home try-on program and prefer to have a tactile experience before purchasing, keep that in mind as youre checking out the sites we reviewed in this guide.

If youre looking for trendier pieces at low price points, having realistic expectations for what youll receive will make narrowing down your buying options easier likewise, if you know that you want a more durable product that lasts, spending more money on glasses from brands like Warby Parker might suit you better.

Comparing The Best Online Glasses


Cost Starting at $24

Lens Types Single vision, progressive, nonprescription, anti-fog, blue-light blocking, light responsive, polycarbonate, high index, readers, and polarized sunglasses

Shipping 3 to 8 business days

Try-On Option Virtual

Return Policy 30 days

Genusee is an online eyeglasses brand that turns discarded plastic water bottles from the environmental catastrophe in Flint, Michigan, into trendy eyewear. Each pair is produced from melted and molded post-consumer plastic pellets. Each purchase, which includes prescription lenses, a case, and a polishing bag made of 50 percent recycled materials, recycles a total of 15 bottles. Genusees eyewear follows a refurbished selling model. The brand doesnt accept vision insurance, FSAs, or HSAs, but when youre done with your frames, Genusee will buy them back from you and give you credit toward a future pair of the brands online eyewear. The brand analyzes the quality of your used glasses and decides to either recycle the components back into its supply chain, refurbish them and resell them, or donate them to individuals in need, with a percentage of net profits going to the Community Fund of Greater Flint.

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Can I Renew My Eye Prescription Online

Yes, with a few caveats. If your prescription has expired but youre still seeing quite clearly out of your current glasses or contacts, then you can renew your prescription through our Virtual Vision Test. The 5-minute test runs on your phone, and its results are reviewed by an eye doctor. If your prescription gets successfully renewed, youll pay $15 for the service.

What We Didnt Like About Eyebuydirect

Buying prescription glasses online: What they don’t tell you

Interestingly, and perhaps understandably given the need to keep down costs, you dont get a case with your Eyebuydirect glasses just a cardboard box. If youve bought glasses in the past this is probably welcome , but it can be a little inconvenient if youre new to eyewear.

You have only 14 days to return your glasses if you dont like them, among the shortest return periods of any online glasses retailer we looked at. That said, you do get a full refund , so if you dont like their styles, you can easily recoup your investment and shop elsewhere.

While overall Eyebuydirects frames are of good quality and comparable to everything else in the under-$300 price range that we saw, some of the more basic plastic frames we checked out did feel a bit cheap by comparison with Zennis similarly priced frames. We dont expect theyd fail in use or anything, but if you want a luxury feel you might not want to select the least expensive frames on offer here Zenni has a slight edge here at the low end.

One flaw in Eyebuydirects ordering system which most people might not find an issue, admittedly is that it doesnt flag multifocal prescriptions that are out of spec for a given frame until youve made your way through most of the ordering process . Wed prefer to see this alert earlier in the process.

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What Do I Need Before I Buy Prescription Glasses Online

You’ll need to know your prescription and pupillary distance from your optometrist before you use an online glasses retailer — so make sure you get a hard copy the next time you get your vision checked. Be aware that sometimes optometrists won’t give your pupillary distance because they’ll say they want to measure you for a specific set of glasses. But insist on getting one. You can also measure PD yourself using an app on your smartphone or download a PD ruler that most online stores have with instructions on how to use it. Pupillary distance is key because when lenses are made it’s important to know where your eye is in relation to the center of the lens.

Once you have all that, most of these sites will let you input your numbers or upload a picture of the prescription from your phone the first time you buy something.

You can also pick up a device like the $99 EyeQue Vision Check to use your smartphone to check your vision and create a prescription that many online glasses stores will accept .

Will I Save Money

That depends. If you shop around online, its very likely that you will save money versus purchasing at your local optician though exactly how much will depend on a few factors.

If you have a simple prescription single vision, below +/- 4.00 and dont want an ultra-thin lens or special coatings or tints, across the board youll likely spend around $100. Should you need something more complex, youll spend more, though likely less than you would on brand-name pairs at a local optical shop.

You do give up the benefits that come with in-person fitting, dispensing and adjustments, though these matter less if you have a straightforward single-vision prescription, and depending on your budget it may well be worth spending more to have access to a knowledgeable professional.

If youre interested in brand names, you should watch for sales, coupons and discount codes as you would with any other online shopping. Over the course of our testing, we were typically able to find discounts of up to 40% off the price of our orders. Many retailers also offer second pairs at a steep discount, so its worth keeping an eye out.

An open question is insurance, which can cover a significant amount at most brick-and-mortar opticians, narrowing the gap pretty significantly with online offerings. That said, depending on your coverage and where you shop, you might get a break on your online order too. Insurance plans typically cover one pair of glasses per year .

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Blue Light Blocking Coating

A blue light blocking lens works with or without a prescription to help prevent eye strain from looking at digital screens. If you work with technology for most of the day, adding a blue light coating to your lenses can help mitigate the effects of blue wavelengths from electronic devices. If you find yourself in front of digital screens on a regular basis, consider adding this type of coating when customizing your eyeglasses to reduce eye strain.

The Best Places To Buy Eyeglasses : Buy Women

If youre looking for the best place to buy glasses online or in a store, there are several ways you can go: optical chains, independent optometrists, optical departments in big-box stores or online-only sellers.

No matter which option you choose, the key thing to remember is this: Eyeglasses dont have to cost hundreds of dollars. Ive researched prices and the process of buying prescription glasses at a variety of popular retailers to see where youll get the best deal and the best customer experience.

In this article, Ill take a close look at Zenni Optical, Costco Optical and other great places to buy glasses both online and in-store. Plus, Ill tell you where you can get the cheapest eye exam, what you can expect to pay and what youll need to know before ordering glasses online.

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What To Consider When Buying Glasses Online

Here are a few important things to consider when shopping for prescription glasses using online stores:

  • Prescription Make sure you submit your prescription for eyeglasses or sunglasses accurately online. Filling out prescriptions online might be difficult because of the unusual terminology, such as axis, sphere, and cylinder. Some online glasses retailers may request that you provide a snapshot of the prescription to eliminate any errors. It would be best to have your eyes examined by an eye-care specialist once a year to discover any changes in your vision or illnesses, such as glaucoma, which slowly leads to blindness, or macular deterioration, which causes blurred vision. Not all prescription lenses can be filled through online stores. If you have a severe astigmatism that causes blurred vision or requires extensive progressive lenses, doctors recommend purchasing prescription glasses in person to guarantee the best outcome for excellent vision.
  • Return Policy Pay particular attention to any online eyewear retailers return policy. While some will offer you a complete refund if you dont like your glasses, others will only give you credit toward another pair of glasses from the same brand, rather than giving you your money back. If your glasses dont last as long as you hope, make a note of any warranty information included with your order.

Best Places To Buy Prescription Eyeglasses For Cheap


Learn how the drop in the US Dollars buying power affects you personally and gain access to an actionable plan to protect your assets with precious metals.

According to The Vision Council of America, approximately 164 million Americans wear eyeglasses. Additionally, the average consumer reports spending nearly $130 for their frames, and almost 40% of wearers have two or more pairs of glasses.

Considering how expensive glasses are and the fact that theyre a necessity, its unsurprising its a $131 billion industry in the United States.

Thankfully, there are ways to save money on contact lenses and glasses if you know where and how to shop. Like many industries, online retailers make it easier to find high-quality prescription glasses at affordable prices. Plus, there are affordable in-store eyewear options if you know where to look.

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What Youll Need: Prescription And Pd

To buy glasses online, you need two things: a valid prescription and your PD, or pupillary distance.

The American Optometric Association recommends that all adults under 65 have their eyes examined in person at least once every two years . It strictly recommends against online-only eyeglasses prescription renewal services and do-it-yourself prescription checkers. Patients need to be wary of any company that claims its device can replace the care that a doctor provides, the AOA wrote in an emailed statement. Optometrist Dr. Camille Cohen pointed out that only in-person eye exams can reveal early signs of glaucoma, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Along with a valid prescription, youll also need a number known as pupillary distance, or PD, which is unlikely to be on your prescription. Pupillary distance is the length in millimeters between your pupils or from your pupils to the center of your nose bridge . PD values indicate where the company filling your prescription ought to place the horizontal center of vision in the lenses, so you can see clearly through them. According to Indiana Universitys Pence, the stronger your prescription , the more important it is that the lenses are lined up correctly in front of your eye.

Online glasses retailers should ask for your PD when you order frames with prescription lenses. Even though your doctor probably checked this during your eye exam, theyre not necessarily required to provide your PD.

Further reading

How To Buy Eyeglasses Online

How to Buy Prescription Safety Glasses Online | SportRx has the largest selection of eyeglasses on the planet. Shopping online for a complete pair of eyeglasses from one of the top brands like Ray Ban and Gucci has never been easier. Why visit a Lenscrafters store and pay the inflated retail price for new frames when you can you can get massive selection and much lower prices at this website? Why pay full price for eyewear when you can get the perfect pair right here? We have more frames styles than any other store, and you can compare frame styles before you buy. Sure, get your comprehensive eye exam at any eye doctor We offer prescription lenses or clear lenses, frames only or as non prescription sunglasses. We also offer the largest lens selection online, including blue blocking lenses with a blue light filtering coating, anti reflective coatings, with every possible variation of high quality lenses options, lenses brands, reading glasses, lenses coatings and lenses features. In fact, we offer so many different lenses and service that customer often call us to help them decide, and then we do the checkout for them. Unlike other online glasses retailers, we provide personal service on every order to us, buying online glasses is the same as if you walked into our store.

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How To Choose The Right Sized Frame For Prescription Glasses

When buying new glasses online, you need to take a few considerations into account. Several factors, including frame color, model, designer, and material, can largely be dictated by personal preferences. Others, such as frame width and size of your lenses, are determined by your prescription, pupillary distance measurement , and face shape.

Finding the right prescription glasses begins with understanding your prescription. Its important to know what your glasses are needed for, , and when you are required to wear your eyeglasses, . This information will help you make informed aesthetic decisions on the most appropriate brand, style, size, fit, shape, lenses, and material of your glasses.

Hot tip: If youre uncertain or have any eyewear or prescription-related questions while you shop, you can ask one of our friendly local optometrist partners online via the pop-up chat window on the bottom right of our website. Weve also got a handy guide to face shapes ready to reference!

Our huge collection of designer glasses and lenses is carefully curated and can be filtered by category in our shop, allowing you to easily tailor your prescription glasses search results by things like clear glasses,blue light glasses, mens sunglasses, and womens sunglasses, as well as face shape, brand/designer, color, size, fit and material. You can even choose opt for prescription sunglasses.

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