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Where To Buy Silhouette Glasses

What If Your Silhouette Eyeglasses Or Sunglasses Break

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If your Silhouette eyeglasses break due for any reason, you do not need to buy a new pair of eyewear. Eyeglass Repair USA is here to repair your broken eyeglasses or sunglasses with laser weld technology. We have repaired many Silhouette eyeglasses frames since 2002with 100% client satisfaction. We also provide the original parts for Silhouette glasses.

We offer the following repairs and more for your Silhouette eyeglass frames.

How To Make The Switch From Silhouette Glasses To Acetate Frames

If there ever was a style of glasses that could be considered the epitome of modern eyewear, it might have to be silhouette glasses. Among the many diverse styles of glasses and frames, silhouette glasses exemplify modern style as theyre lighter, thinner, and perhaps more efficient in comparison to a lot of other models. Does this mean that other styles of glasses are outdated? Perhaps obsolete? Absolutely not.

Silhouette glasses can be a great choice of glasses, but theyre not the only choice. Are you divided on choosing between silhouette glasses and acetate glasses? Maybe youre considering defecting from the community of silhouette glasses wearers to the acetate glasses community. All jokes aside, if youre considering between the two, it can be a difficult choice as each side offers quality features. To help you decide, well take a look at what each side offers and see how we can bridge the two different styles for a smooth transition from one to the other.

What are Silhouette Glasses?If youre not yet familiar with silhouette glasses, theyre a type of glasses which offers a lighter and thinner style in comparison to conventional frames. You might be asking yourself, how different can they be? After all, plastic frames seem to be light enough just as they arecan they get any much lighter and thinner? You might as well guess that yes actually, they can.

Replace 2 Silhouette Nose Pads Installation

For two original Silhouette nose pads installations, send your frame with old nose pads so we can match up the nose pad styles.

Note: If we receive your eyeglasses and see that the job is more complex, well call you with a revised price. We wont do any work without your prior approval.

If you do not see the repair you need, please give us a call at 855-726-2020.

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How To Try On Silhouette Glasses

Because of the companys limited availability in the U.S. and its large selection of products, its difficult to try on Silhouette glasses in person. You may find it helpful to use the Silhouette glasses virtual try-on on the companys website.

The process is spelled out there, but its fairly simple:

  • Find and face a light source.

  • Align your face with the oval on the screen.

  • Take off any glasses you are wearing and tuck your hair back.

  • Record a video of you slowly turning your head to the left, back to center and then to the right.

  • You may also optionally hold a credit card or credit card-sized plastic card against your forehead for scale.

This application allows you to see the frames from any angle so you get a fuller idea of what they will look like. You can also try on any frame available a selection that likely exceeds your local retailers.

Once youve found the right frames, find a retailer, either locally or one that offers online ordering. Online retailers may have their own virtual try-on options as well.

Silhouette Glasses Replacement Arm Or Temple

Buy SILHOUETTE Rectangle, Full Rim, Gold Eyeglasses for Male Online ...

Drill-mounted glasses may seem intimidating to take apart and repair, but theyre as complicated as you might fear. Its important to be gentle and precise to avoid scratching or breaking the lenses, but it is possible.

Issues with the arm/temple include a snapped arm, irreparably bent arm, loose arm or a broken hinge. Before ordering a new arm, make sure you know the style and length of the arm.

Before you start repairs, check the lenses for cracks. If there are any cracks between the two drill holes or around them, the glasses are likely not repairable without a new lens.

If youre going to repair the temple yourself, consider following videos online that walk you through the process. There are varying methods, some that dont include special tools, though you will need a small poking tool, about the size of a thin thumbtack, to clear the drill holes of any parts, a clipper or cutting plier to snip excess bushing, and pliers that are covered with a rubber protector to avoid damaging the lens to squeeze the parts together.

To give you an idea of how you might repair these glasses yourself:

Removing the temples/arms:

  • Carefully cut the soft, plastic bushing off the back, inside of the lens.

  • With the back portion of the bushing gone, you should be able to gently wiggle and pull out the temple/arm.

  • Remove any parts stuck inside the drill holes, like leftover plastic bushing or the broken portion of the screw, with your pin. Ensure this area is clean.

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Silhouette Urban Lite Collection Introduce New Colours And Shapes

Urban Lite is one of Silhouettes award winning collections of acetate frames. Why are they so amazing? I think the name is probably a bit of a give away. They are light and the designs are modern unlike your typical silhouette frames which have always been associated with appealing to the older generation. The materials used for this collection are simply clever because they are offer plastic frames without having to compromise on the weight.

Silhouette Urban Lite Collection

Another unique selling point of the Urban Lite collection is the proven hinge technology, smooth sliding properties, maintenance free durability and not forgetting the introduction of integrated nose pads .

I mentioned a moment ago these frames are uber light but guess how light??? I think you may be shocked they only weigh in at an incredible 4.1 grams, which is 40% lighter than the average plastic frames. Another exciting thing is that they also come in a range of new colours that will work with any wardrobe. New colours include Cranberry Red, Oyster Grey and Navy Blue in mens styles and Ruby Red, Soft Jade, Lilac Blue, Peachy Nude, Fuchsia and Marsala in the womens frames.

Silhouette Urban Lite Collection

If you like what you have read here and are looking for new frames that are light and stylish then why not give Silhouette a go. The frames start from £200. Visit silhouette website for more details.

Which Silhouette Glasses Should I Choose

If you’re not sure which models would look best on you, you can get an idea of how your favorites might look on you here. You can try on the various frames from Silhouette Eyewear virtually by using your webcam or uploading a saved image. Here you can easily check out most of the different frame types. As far as shapes are concerned, you also have the option to narrow down your search in the Silhouette Eyewear Overview using filters. Popular designs such as rectangle or round glasses are usually permanently in stock. If you’ve received your glasses and they dont fit quite right, you’re sure to find valuable advice and guidance in our blog, covering topics such as “How much do Silhouette vision glasses weigh?” or “Which Silhouette rimless glasses are the best?”. Our “Master of Glasses” also has quite a few tips in his repertoire on topics such as repairing Silhouette frames or adjusting your frame.

If, after browsing our extensive selection, you have decided on the shape and color of your dream glasses, you can order your glasses online at a reasonable price. If, contrary to expectations, you don’t like them because of the material or the color, you can simply send them back free of charge within 30 days. Only glasses with custom lenses or prescription lenses cannot be refunded, unless there are technical defects. If you have any questions, simply contact customer service via our local telephone number or via e-mail, or use our social media channels.

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Optimal Vision And Comfort With Silhouettes Prescription Glasses

Optical eyewear used to be seen as a necessary measure, something you had to wear to see properly. But things have come a long way since then. Silhouette prescription glasses are so much more than visual aids they are also high-quality accessories that prove that perfect vision and personal style can go hand in hand. Unparalleled lightness and an outstanding fit are the hallmarks of Silhouettes mens and womens glasses. Now, you can look great, while enjoying a comfortable fit and clear vision all day long.

Silhouette is synonymous with extremely lightweight eyewear and unparalleled comfort. In 1999, we released our Titan Minimal Art model, which we patented as the worlds lightest eyewear. Weighing just 1.8 grams and assembled without screws or hinges, TMA The Icon revolutionised the eyewear market. In 2000, our TMA was certified for space travel and has flown on many space missions ever since. It has grown to become one of the most enduring eyewear designs of all time, loved around the world for its perfect fit, flexible frames and virtual indestructibility.Light weight and comfort are the signature features shared by all Silhouette eyewear, both for men and women. The secret to our signature lightness and excellent fit are our high-quality materials and precision craftsmanship, made in Austria.

Silhouette Glasses Replacement Lenses

Introduction to the Silhouette Cameo® 4

You can order new lenses for your Silhouette glasses, though finding replacement prescription lenses through the manufacturer may be difficult. Many glasses retailers may offer their own lenses as a replacement, and youll hardly know the difference. If you need prescription replacement lenses, contact your optician or optometrist.

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Silhouette Glasses Replacement Bridge

The bridge mounts the same way as the temple, with two holes drilled into the lens. The bridge can be replaced similarly, by removing the part and replacing it with a new one as outlined above.

Typical problems with this area include a broken bridge, an irreparably bent bridge or a wobbly bridge . You will likely need to order a new bridge and will need to know your bridge size before ordering. You can measure your bridge or consult the paperwork you received when ordering your glasses.

How To Buy And Repair Silhouette Glasses

By Rob Woods

Silhouette glasses are light, typically rimless and nearly invisible glasses often constructed with a thin, three-part titanium alloy frame.

But the thing Silhouette is known for is the feeling: Fans of the eyewear say wearing these glasses feels like theyre not wearing any glasses at all. The most famous Silhouette rimless glasses, called the Titan Minimal Art, not only ditch the frames but the screws and hinges as well, making them just 1.8 grams.

While the companys most famous frames are rimless which come in more than 400 different lenses and five colors Silhouette has recently expanded into whisper-thin frames and wire accents that appeal to the thicker-frame crowd, while keeping with the companys featherlight, minimalist aesthetic.

Because Silhouettes unique design strips away common elements like screws and hinges, this makes repair a little tricky: You cant buy a glasses repair kit at the drugstore and expect to fix Silhouette glasses. However, its not impossible to fix your frames, and there are many ways to repair them, from do-it-yourself methods to sending them off to a professional.

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Talk To An Eye Care Professional

While it is certainly possible to fix Silhouette glasses yourself, if handling these repairs makes you nervous, seek a qualified professional or ask your eye doctor.

Ultimately, your best bet is to avoid at-home repairs if at all possible. To prevent the need for repairs, make sure you have a quality Silhouette glasses case or any hard-shell case that fits, and use it whenever you arent wearing your glasses. Because these frames are so delicate, they require gentle care.

If youre typically pretty hard on your glasses, Silhouette may not be the right brand for you. However, if youre looking for eyewear that feels and looks like youre hardly wearing glasses at all, and you trust yourself to take care of them, these are a top-of-the-line choice.

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Silhouette Glasses Nose Pads

Buy SILHOUETTE Square, Full Rim, Silver Eyeglasses for Male Online ...

This is a simple replacement, and the parts are easy to find you can even buy them on Amazon. You should measure your nose pads first, from top to bottom, to ensure youre ordering the right size.

Simply slip the old nose pads off and replace them with the new ones. If youre looking to refresh your nose pads because theyve worn down or gotten uncomfortable, this is a simple upgrade.

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How To Buy Silhouette Glasses

Silhouette is a European company headquartered in Linz, Austria. Because they have no brick-and-mortar or online stores, discovering where to buy Silhouette glasses can be slightly more difficult in the U.S. Their website has a Silhouette glasses retailer search feature, or you may find them through select online retailers like FramesDirect or SmartBuyGlasses.

Whether youre buying online or in person, one of the benefits of these glasses is that you can usually outfit them with all kinds of different lens shapes and types, including prescription lenses, readers, progressive lenses or even clear, plano lenses just for the aesthetic.

When ordering online, be sure to have your prescription handy. Youll also need to take some measurements, which the online retailer should be able to guide you through. Silhouette rimless models are available with three bridge size options: The temples, or arms, range from 130mm to 160mm with multiple sizes available in each collection. The full and half-rim models have a slightly smaller selection of sizes.

How To Repair Silhouette Glasses

Once youve ordered and worn your glasses, you occasionally may need a repair. Most of the frames can be repaired, and due to their minimalist, deconstructed design, many of the Silhouette glasses parts can be replaced, according to the companys website. But first, its important to understand how Silhouette glasses differ from other eyewear.

Silhouette frames are constructed with a three-piece drill mount. The glasses are made by drilling two holes directly through the lenses on each side and mounting the three pieces into those holes each arm at the temple, and the bridge between the two lenses. These points are secured using compression mounting secured with bushings, which are soft, clear plastic parts that secure the screws attached to the arms and bridge.

If you need to repair your Silhouette frames, begin by contacting the retailer where you purchased the glasses before undertaking any repairs yourself. Follow this step-by-step guide to initiating repairs.

  • Contact your optician or eyeglasses retailer about repairs. Describe the problem and see if they will fix your glasses and determine the cost.

  • Always ask about warranties: Because Silhouette only sells products directly to retailers, it does not offer a consumer warranty, so a Silhouette glasses warranty would come directly from the retailer.

  • NEED REPAIR TIPS FOR OTHER TYPES OF EYEGLASSES? Read Broken glasses: Repair methods and cost.

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    How To Buy Silhouette Clip

    If you love your Silhouette glasses, you may want to add sun and UV protection. The company offers five shapes, two sizes and three colors in their Style Shades clip-on collection. These clips come in larger sizes than the prescription lenses to give the frame a true sunglasses look.

    Clip-on shades can be ordered through a local optician or online eyeglasses retailer.

    Conversely, you could order Silhouette sunglasses, which come in a range of styles hinged and hinge-free temples classic frame shapes, including aviators, butterfly and cat-eye and round, square and oval lenses that can be mixed and matched in a myriad of ways.

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    Enjoy Your New Lenses

    All Things Studio (Silhouette 101 Video Class)

    Sit back and relax while we make your new lenses. After replacing your lenses, we will send your glasses back to you! Our customers love saving up to 75% from retail stores. That’s how we do business.

    100% satisfaction, guaranteed

    You mean a lot to us and we’re very serious about making you happy. If, for any reason, you don’t absolutely love the lenses we make for you, we will remake them for you.

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    Perfect Vision With Silhouette Vision Sensation

    The Silhouette Vision Sensation® concept combines Silhouettes premium frames with top-quality bespoke lenses. The frames and lenses are developed, produced and assembled under one roof in Linz according to the strictest quality standards. Each pair of prescription glasses is expertly crafted with individual customer needs in mind. The result is tailor-made prescription glasses that offer maximum comfort and a superlative visual experience.

    Progressive lenses give you razor-sharp vision at all distances, even if you are short- or long-sighted. Instead of using two pairs of glasses for reading and longer distances, you have a single pair of glasses for all your vision needs. Silhouette offers premium-quality progressive lenses. Our lenses are precision-crafted to let you transition seamlessly between vision ranges. Youll never have to worry about swim effect or other visual distortions with our premium-quality progressive vision eyewear, custom-made in Austria. With our long tradition of excellence, Silhouette now brings you total visual comfort and protection against eye fatigue in our exclusive progressive vision eyewear.

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