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Where To Go To Get Glasses Adjusted

How To Adjust Glasses

How to Adjust Your Glasses at Home | Warby Parker

If you wear your glasses every day, eventually, they can feel loose, uneven, or they may start to feel uncomfortable. You can take your glasses to a local eyeglass retailer or vision center to have them adjusted, but you can also attempt to make some adjustments on your own at home. If your glasses just need a little bit of tweaking, here are some tips that will show you how to adjust your glasses for a more comfortable, snug fit.

Does Walmart Repair Glasses In

Walmart does repair glasses as of , which is available in-store at Walmart Vision Centers. The extent of the repair depends on the severity of the problem with your glasses. Typically, Walmart repairs glasses and frames from $7.50 upwards and can take 5 30 minutes.

To learn more about the type of eyeglass damage Walmart can repair, how much it can cost, and alternative options, keep on reading!

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How To Adjust Glasses Arms

Adjusting the temples of your glassesalso known as the glasses armsis a common way to troubleshoot tight or loose glasses. A slight change in their position can keep glasses from sliding forward or feeling uncomfortable behind your ears.

To start adjusting acetate frames, youll need your glasses, a bowl of hot tap water, and a towel. Here are five steps for adjusting glasses arms at home:

1. Soak the ends of the temples

Place your bowl of hot water on a towel, then place one temple end piece into the water for 30 seconds. Make sure to keep the lenses out of the water to avoid damage.

Carefully remove the temple from the water and touch the end to make sure its not too hot.

2. Adjust the temple ends

Hold the glasses face-up with the lenses facing you. Then place the four fingers of your left hand under the temple, with your index finger resting at the natural temple bend to support the frames.

Use your right hand to slowly and gently push the temple end down. You should feel it bend against your index finger. No need to push too far! All of these adjustments should be slight.

When one side is complete, repeat with the other temple end. Try to ensure that both sides look equal. You can always adjust them again later if you find theyre uneven.

3. Cool and test your glasses

Place the glasses on a flat surface to let them cool. Then, put them on to test the fit and make sure theyre secure. You can repeat the above steps until your glasses are comfortable.

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The Nose Pads Are Digging In

While most eyeglasses sit on top of the nose, metal frames rely on nose pads to evenly distribute weight. When theyre set incorrectly, they can leave red marks on your skin and cause painful pinching.Your glasses leave marks on your cheeks. If you see red marks on your cheeks when you take your glasses off, they may be too tight at the temples or around the ears.

Frame Fitting & Selection Service


The right pair of glasses improves your vision and enhances your facial features. Our team at Optical London Drugs can help you find the best frames to boost both your confidence and your vision. There are frame shapes and styles to flatter every face, so come in and try on a few to find what works best for you!

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Adjustment Of The Reading Areas In Progressive Glasses

Over the last 16 years, I measured parameters for thousands of progressive glasses. And I can tell you there is an unbelievable variety of different peoples faces out there. Every one of them has its unique angles and distances. For our adjustments know we stick with the:

  • Vertex distance
  • Pupilar distance for each eye separately
  • pantoscopic tilt
  • In which distance do you read?

If you want to look in the near range your eyes will move down and a little bit more nasal. As you are looking into the distance or near you are looking through different spots in the lens of your glasses. There are some progressive glasses that take this into account and some do not. As your pupilar distance is wider another adjustment would be made to place the reading areas in the correct spot compared to a person with a really narrow pupilar distance.

This perfect spot should be adjusted to another spot if your glasses sit nearer to your eyes or further away. If you look at progressive glasses from the side and they are heavily tilted or very straight in the face the manufacturer can include those four parameters . Because every one of them would have an effect on the right spot of the reading area. The following text will clear things up for you.

Yeah, so what 1mm . That is not that much i probably will be ok.

Customer that does not want the optimazation for the vertex distance

Symmetry Is King When It Comes To Fitting Your Progressives

We always start in the middle of the frame. Sharp areas may vary if the lenses have different pantoscopic tilts. Because you are then looking through the lenses from two different angles. That can change the power of your progressive lenses in a huge way! Just look at the short clip below.

changes with different angles.

When the angles are made equal . It is important to look at the distances of the lenses to the eyes . This distance also needs to be the same on both eyes. The reason is the blurry areas on the sides. If the lens is sitting with a smaller distance to the eyes the wearer will get a wider field of view. If it is sitting further away the bigger distance leads to a more narrow field of view.

A really good comparison is to try to look through a keyhole. The closer you can get with your eye the more you can see. If you decide to increase the distance with your eye and you are still looking through then a tiny little portion will be left of the whole picture. That is why I advise everyone to get their progressive lenses a little closer to their eyes. And of course, this should be considered when you are about to choose a new frame. The differences can be big.

The distance of the vertex can be manipulated with small adjustments by the temples to the middle part and on the ending part where it sits on the ears. In the picture below the differences between a perfect fit frame and the differences of the field of view to a not sp perfectly adjusted frame.

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Hinge Rebuilds & Spring Hinge Conversion

  • When your eyeglasses break in the hinge section it needs a hinge rebuild.
  • If a spring hinge has broken by the piston falling out of the socket on the temple side , it will need a hinge rebuild/convert.

Costs for hinge rebuilds may vary depending on the style of the hinge , the exact location of the break, and whether or not you have all the pieces.

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How To Adjust The Height Of Your Frames

How To Adjust Glasses At Home | Easy Hacks To Tighten Your Glasses | Specscart

When you receive your glasses, your frames can be adjusted to sit higher or lower slightly to better align your pupil with the optical centre of your lens.

Your prescription must be aligned with your eyes in order to work properly. If your glasses are not the right height, you can fix them by adjusting the nose pads or temples.

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Common Issues Associated With New Glasses

Whether you’re a beginner or have used prescription lenses for years and just replaced them, it’s common to experience several adjustment issues. Depending on your prescription requirements as well as your personal preferences, your eyes may have to adjust to:

  • A new frame style, such as changing from a rectangular to a round one
  • New lens types, such as bifocals
  • New prescriptions, such as when your optometrist increases or reduces lens power

Below is what you may experience as your eyes adjust to these changes:

  • Blurry/distorted vision. You may experience halos, waves, irregularities, or out-of-focus visual images.
  • Poor depth perception. Difficulty determining how near or far objects are.
  • Eye strain. Your eye muscles may overwork while adjusting to the new conditions.2
  • Headaches. Sometimes, tight frames can cause tension headaches due to pressure exerted on the temples.
  • Nausea/dizziness. Change in depth perception or your brain needing to adapt to a new image can cause nausea and dizziness.
  • Fishbowl effect. Images appear bent along the edges, as though you’re viewing them through a fishbowl.

How To Tighten My Glasses

Medically reviewed by Khuram Sarwar on 12th December 2022

If you wear glasses and have worn them for a while, youve likely experienced that over time, they can begin to slip off your face. Loose glasses can be highly annoying to keep pushing back up again. They can also end up looking crooked and not sitting well on your face, affecting your line of sight.

If your glasses are out of shape or loose, they can cause several side effects including:

  • The nose pads moving out of place
  • The screws on the glasses becoming too loose
  • The temple arms of your glasses moving out of place

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How To Adjust Metal Frame Glasses

Adjusting plastic frame glasses is more difficult than metal frames, but its still possible to do this at home with an additional step.

To adjust metal frames:

  • Before you begin the adjustment, youll need to warm your glasses using hot water or a hairdryer for about 30 seconds to two minutes.
  • Once warm and pliable, gently bend your glasses as needed.
  • Wait until they cool and try them on.
  • If additional adjustments are needed, reheat them and readjust.

You should never try to bend plastic glasses without heating them first because the plastic is brittle and will snap. If you have doubts that warming the plastic wont be effective, take your glasses to an optician for adjustments.

How Do I Adjust My Glasses


If you wear metal frames: Simply widen the plastic nose pads using your thumbs until the frames fit comfortably. If you wear plastic frames: Once youve soaked the arms of your glasses in warm water for 30-60 seconds, gently apply an upward and outward pressure on the end of the arms to get a more relaxed fit.

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Get Your Frame Fit Just Right

Here are some signs of poorly fitting frames:

  • You get dizzy when you wear them

  • They slip down your nose

  • The arms don’t fully sit on your ears

  • You feel pressure on the wrong points, e.g. on your temples

  • The nose pads aren’t dividing pressure evenly, or they don’t sit straight

These can all be easily fixed with small adjustments. If you buy your glasses in one of our stores, our retail staff will make sure they fit properly .

If you purchase your Ace & Tate frames online, we can still adjust your frames free of charge, and without an appointment, in all of our stores. Pop by any time.

After wearing them for a while, your glasses might need a tune-up. Bring them in, just please dont try it yourself, as we have special tools for it. Leave it to the experts!

If you don’t live close by, then you can always ask a local optician to get your glasses adjusted. Most opticians will be happy to help but they may ask for a small fee.


One of the kindest things we can do for our planet is to make the most of what we already have. For us, that means extending the life of our frames by giving our glasses another chance to shine with Reframe. Great quality eyewear at a lower environmental cost.

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Broken Glasses: Repair Methods And Cost

By Rob Woods

For many, glasses are a necessary tool. And so when your glasses break, its more than just an inconvenience. Broken glasses can leave you with an impaired quality of life and inhibit your very ability to function.

However, there is good news: If your glasses break, there is likely a glasses repair method to fix them!

Depending on the damage, there are many ways to repair your broken glasses. You might choose to take them to a glasses repair shop or to fix them yourself at home. There are benefits to each method, and the cost will depend on the type of repair needed and the method you decide to use.

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How To Adjust Your Glasses

Everyone who wears eyeglasses will likely experience periods where their glasses feel uncomfortable or misaligned. Misalignment can be caused by dropping or bumping your glasses, heat deformation, or sometimes just natural deformation after you’ve owned your glasses for a long time.

Many people will need to adjust their glasses right after they purchase them for the first time in order to get them to feel “right”. Since most eyeglasses require adjustments at some point, learning to self-adjust your glasses is a valuable skill to learn.

Keep in mind, some eyeglasses may be past the point of repair, and it may be necessary to purchase a replacement pair. Luckily, AC Lens carries a wide variety of discount eyeglass frames that can make the re-ordering process quick and easy. Visit the AC Lens eyeglasses shop to get started.

How Do I Stop My Glasses From Slipping

How to Fix Broken Glasses at HOME – (and Adjust Them Too)

With a little heat you can tighten up your glasses, so they fit more securely on your head.

  • Place your glasses down on the table and cover with a lens cloth
  • Heat the arms with a hair dryer or warm water for 5 seconds
  • Hold the frame and bend the arm inwards, but be careful: dont apply too much pressure otherwise the arm will snap
  • Cool the arm in water once youre finished adjusting
  • Try the glasses on and repeat the above steps if theyre still too loose
  • How do I fix my glasses with a twisted bridge?

    With a little heat you can straighten up the bridge on plastic glasses.

  • Place your glasses down on the table and cover with a lens cloth
  • Heat the bridge with a hair dryer or warm water for 5 seconds
  • Hold the front of the frame and twist, but be careful: dont apply too much pressure otherwise the bridge will snap
  • Cool the bridge in water once youre finished adjusting
  • Try the glasses on and repeat the above steps if the bridge is still twisted
  • How do I adjust nose pads on my glasses that dont sit properly

    You can adjust the angle of the nose pads on your glasses.

  • Put your glasses on and check if the nose pads are sitting flat against your nose
  • If not, grip the nose pad and angle it gently so that it sits flat
  • Test your glasses to make sure they fit comfortably
  • Repeat the above steps if necessary
  • Clean your lenses
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    Why Are My Glasses Always Crooked

    Look for issues with the temple arms.

    If your glasses look crooked or tilted heavily to one side, it is likely the result of crooked temple arms. If your eyeglasses appear level on your face but sit crooked when resting on a flat surface, this may mean that one of your ears is higher than the other.

    Other Options To Fix Broken Eyeglasses

    Another cost-effective option to fix your glasses, depending on what damage they have suffered, is to fix them yourself.

    Walmart offers DIY eyeglass fixing kits with prices starting at less than $10. These kits typically include items such as small precision eyeglass screwdrivers, assorted eyeglass screws, and nose pads. Take a look at this kit which is available at Walmart

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    Its Not Just Glasses Repairs

    Im astounded at how quickly I got my glasses back. It took 1 day & the quality of repair, amazing! Thank you!

    High quality service fixed my broken glasses frame as my left arm had snapped of and they replaced it perfectly with a new hinge. Very quick delivery and got it back within 2 days also excellent customer service and respond quickly to any queries. Would recommend to anybody that has an issue with their glasses and needs repairing. 10/10.


    Wow! Hard to believe how quickly this repair was done! I received my Ray Ban Sun Glasses back complete with a new metal hinge within 48 hours of sending them! I thought when the original hinge snapped off they were for the bin, but theyre back and in like new condition once again! What a service. I would certainly recommend this business!

    Thank you ever so much! David

    Can not believe the service I received from repair glasses. This little miricle worker fixed three raybans for me, and actually brought two of them back from the dead. Totally blown away with the price, service and obviously the repairs. Think they need a few more stars


    Take It To The Pro: Visit Your Optician For An Optimal Glasses Adjustment

    Helping Your Kid Adjust to Wearing Glasses

    Whenever possible, get your eyeglasses adjusted by an eye care professional especially if your frames are made of sturdy materials such as titanium or if theyre especially delicate, such as rimless or semi-rimless.

    We recommend visiting a professional optician every three months for a tune-up to have your frames tightened up a bit and all screws checked for security. This is usually about a five-minute process and a great way to extend the life of your frames.

    Fancy getting a new pair of glasses? Check out our current offer for stylish and affordable glasses.

    Have more questions? We have many other ways to help you adjust your glasses. Contact us by email, live chat or call 1-866-414-2326.

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