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White Sunglasses With Blue Lenses

Differences Among Color Lenses In Sunglasses

Balenciaga Sunglasses Model-BB0095S Color-004 White-Gold/Light Blue Lenses

When choosing colored lenses, be sure to consider your lifestyle, such as daily work and recreational activities, and how you plan to use your sunglasses. Each color is specifically suited to enhance and improve vision in certain settings and activities.

At the same time, some colors can actually disrupt vision when worn in the wrong setting. So understanding the purpose and benefits of each color will help you make the right selection when its time to make your next purchase.

Thom Browne Navy Sunglasses

With a more refined take on the classic wayfarer design, the Thom Brown Navy Sunglasses are a classy pair of shades to go along with more formal attire. Their blue lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB and feature an anti-reflective coating, protecting your eyes from the blinding sun. They also have titanium temples, custom tri-colored signature temple tips, and gold arms to complement the blue frames. The 49mm shades are slightly smaller than the original design for a modern fit. Yes, they will set you back a bit, but once you wear them youll see theyre worth the price tag.

Persol Po0714sm Steve Mcqueen

Designed several decades ago and immortalized by Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair, the Persol 714 shades are the most dapper blue lens sunglasses ever created. The Italian eyewear brand utilizes their signature Meflecto technology, crystal lenses for immaculate clarity, and acetate frames to make this model one of the best on the planet. Every time theres a special edition colorway, they go fast, but you cant beat the original blue lens version. Channel your inner Steve McQueen with a pair of these timeless sunglasses and look slicker than a thief.

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Yellow Orange Or Gold

Sunglasses with light-colored lenses such as yellow, orange and gold excel in moderate- to low-level light conditions. They provide excellent depth perception and also work well for both outdoor and indoor sports sunglasses. They also improve the visibility of objects, make surroundings appear brighter and block out blue light. However, yellow, orange or gold sunglass lenses may distort color.

Prescription / Polarised Lenses

White Sunglasses

All of our sunglasses feature world-renowned Zeisslenses for full UVA/UVB protection. You can also choose to add prescription and/or polarised lenses to your sunglasses.

Prescription Sunglasses

We can only dispense single vision lenses online, used for daily wear or task specific use such as driving or reading. If youre after multifocal lenses such as varifocals, kindly follow us to this helpful page.

We offer three different capacities of single vision lenses 1.5 Regular, 1.6 Thin and 1.67 Ultra-thin. Each is more suitable for either simple, medium or more complex prescriptions.

Please use the guidance below to order lenses based on the SPH and CYL shown in your prescription:

– We recommend 1.5 Regular lenses for a SPH and CYL of -2.00 or +2.00 or smaller

– We suggest 1.6 Thin lenses for a SPH and CYL between -2.25 or +2.25 and -3.50 or +3.50

– Choose 1.67 Ultra-thin lenses for SPH and CYL between -3.75 or +3.75 and -4.75 or +4.75

If your prescription is above -4.75 or +4.75, please get in touch with our friendly team who can advise you on the best lens options tailored to your optical needs.

Polarised Lenses

For the aqua enthusiasts out there, a polarised lens coating can also be added to sunglasses, with or without a prescription.

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Jacques Marie Mage Zephirin

With pre-WWII rectangular frames, this gorgeous pair of shades features blue CR39 lenses that are handcrafted in Japan. The lenses provide 100% UV protection and have an anti-reflective treatment for crystal clear vision. Everything used to make these sunglasses is top-notch, including a sterling silver signature arrowhead pin, a custom silver hairline engraved wire core design, burgundy dome 3D metal logo, and silver tension-secured custom hinges. These shades are limited to 350 examples, so youd better act fast if you want a pair.

Oliver Peoples Oliver Sun

If blue is a color you adore, Oliver Peoples Oliver Sun shades will be your go-to pair of eyewear. With a bold new take on the wayfarer design, these sun blockers stand out with a more square-bottomed look. They feature hand-laid functional pins for extra adherence between the hinge and frame front, in addition to universal fitting nosebands for a personalized fit. The blue polarized glass lenses cut down reflective glare and provide optimal clarity while blocking out 100% of UVA and UVB.

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Ocean Tint: 12 Best Blue Lens Sunglasses

Most of the time when you think about sunglasses, you immediately picture dark lenses. Although theyre not as common, sunglasses with blue lenses are just as stylish and provide more functionality than other colors. No, theyre not as effective when the sun is beaming down on you with no clouds to dilute its wrath during the summer, but blue lens sunglasses are highly efficient during foggy weather and snowy conditions.

Investing in a pair of quality blue lens sunglasses is a smart move, but just like any other eyewear lens color, there are tons of options from which to choose. Weve sifted through various frames from several brands with glowing reputations, looking for blue lens sunglasses that are both fashion-forward and effective for ambient lighting conditions. For your consideration, weve compiled a list of a dozen of the very best blue lens sunglasses to keep your eyes protected when the sun isnt on full blast.

Uv Protection Matters More Than Lens Color

Prada Sunglasses Model-Linea Rossa SPS-52X Color-06S-07L Matte Navy Red White-Dark Blue Lenses

First and foremost, the color of your sunglasses lenses is not an indicator of how much UV-blocking protection your sunglasses will provide. Thats because lenses that provide adequate protection are treated with a colorless UV-absorbing coating hopefully, in addition to whatever colored tint you choose.

In other words, its not the color that matters when it comes to shielding your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays its whats on the UV label that counts. And the label on any quality pair of sunglasses should read 100% UV protection, whatever color the lenses.

The color of your lenses does matter, however, when you are looking for protection against high-energy visible light , or blue-light spectrums. And since HEV light can cause retinal damage, knowing your colored lens options and associated benefits is key.

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Iced By Yetis Sunglasses

  • No bouncing while you run
  • Polarised Glare-reducing, polarised lenses and UV400 protection that blocks 100% of those harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  • Ultra sophisticated white shades
  • Goodr are a 100% carbon neutral company

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    Benefits Of Various Color Lenses In Sunglasses

    Colored sunglasses lenses dont exist only to make a fashion statement they actually help filter light away from your eyes. But, depending on the lens color, they do so in different ways.

    Some sunglasses tints enhance colors you see, making them appear more vivid. Other tint colors help distort colors, reduce glare, block light and even improve visual acuity. That said, not all colored lenses are right for all occasions.

    The reality is, each colored lens provides different benefits. The right lens tint should ultimately enhance your depth perception and reduce eye fatigue without hindering your ability to see clearly.

    Sunski Dipsea Tortoise Aqua

    White clear frame blue lens sunglasses

    With circular retro frames, the Sunski Dipsea Tortoise Aqua shades are perfect for summertime outfits, as they give off positive vibes all around. The 48mm shades feature solid polarization to help you see clearly so you can view the world around you in high contrast. The San Francisco-based company truly knows how to make a quality pair of sunglasses. In fact, Sunski is so confident in their work that these shades come with a forever warranty. And if you purchase the Dispsea Tortoise Aqua sunglasses, a portion of the proceeds goes to environmental non-profits.

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