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Wholesale Fashion Sunglasses By The Dozen

Best Wholesale Sunglasses For Boutique Owners

Welcome to Shark Eyes, Inc #1 Wholesale Eyewear Distributor BLOOPERS : )

As a boutique owner, you know that having the right products is essential to your success. Your customers rely on you to have the latest trends and styles, and it’s your job to make sure you deliver. Wholesale sunglasses are a must-have accessory, and you’ll want to make sure you have a great selection to choose from. Its important to stay on top of the latest trends, especially when it comes to items that have a high turnover rate, like sunglass wholesale. As a boutique owner, you know that wholesale eyewear is a must-have item for your customers, which is why its important to stock up on the latest trends. But with so many options out there, how do you know which ones are right for your store? Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting wholesale sunglasses for your boutique.




Stay on top of the trends by stocking up on wholesale sunglasses for your boutique. Its important to have a variety of styles and colors to choose from, so make sure you pick a few hot new trends to keep your customers coming back for more. Be sure to check out our latest selection of wholesale sunglasses USA and find the perfect pair for your store. Focus on the current trends, check the quality of the product, consider the price, and with so many options available, youre sure to find something that your customers will love!

Trends In Eyewear Fashion

As the premiere wholesaler of sunglasses, we know the importance of staying up to date and current with the latest trends. Hence, our impressive collection of wholesale fashion sunglasses is consistently updated and revamped, so our clients can pass the latest fashionable accessories onto their customers.

We make sure we keep up to date on the latest trends in the industry to stay current. This ensures we’re able to offer only the freshest, trending designs on the market. Our curated selection of wholesale sunglasses is sure to impress and leave your customers wanting more.

Wholesale Fashion Sunglasses In Bulk

One accessory that never goes out of style is sunglasses. Thats why here at Apparel Candy, we are proud to be a trusted and reliable wholesale sunglasses vendor offering stunning bulk sunglasses of any style for sale at affordable prices.

We scour every inch of the market to ensure we stock only the highest quality, most fashionable wholesale sunglasses. We’re proud to offer the latest trending styles. Shop our selection to ensure your boutique or business stays current and up-to-date with the latest trends in eyewear.

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Wholesale Mens Sunglasses By The Dozen

Wholesale mens sunglasses are flying off the shelf. Sunglasses are one of the hottest retail items in existence. There are a dozen reasons why you should be buying sunglasses and keeping them in the store.

You can stop your search now since we’ve got the best products & the best prices.

Since sunglasses were first invented in 1862, sunglasses have been worn for style, as a fashion statement, and for protection from the sun’s harmful and obnoxious rays. Now sunglasses have improved in quality and are available in a myriad of styles, price ranges, and frame selections. They are found in sports versions as well as business styles.

Wholesale Sunglasses At Low Prices

Wholesale Designer Sunglasses by the Dozen

Stunning designer sunglasses need not break the bank. If you’re a small business wary about overbuying, don’t fret. Buying wholesale means you won’t suffer as high a marginal cost, and you’ll still get stunning products.

Although we offer our glasses at cheap prices, we don’t sacrifice quality. Inexpensive designer sunglasses don’t need to be flimsy. We offer stunning, durable designs for low prices.

Apparel Candy is proud to be known as the #1 wholesale sunglasses vendor in the USA. With that in mind, you know youre making a purchase you can trust. Our bulk sunglasses are offered at amazingly low wholesale prices, guaranteed.

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Welcome To Frontier Fashion Inc

Who is Frontier Fashion?

We are the leading supplier of bulk wholesale fashion sunglasses in North America, located just south of Los Angeles.

What is Wholesale?

A wholesaler supplies a reseller with merchandise that can be sold directly to the customer. Frontier Fashion has more than 20 years of experience wholeselling. Choose from trendy designer frames, classic styles and everything inbetween.

How is buying bulk sunglasses different?

Our sunglasses are sold by the dozen, each unit ordered will recieve 12 pairs of that sunglasses in an assortment of the colors shown on the products page, at least 1 of each color will be recieved.

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About Us

Frontier Fashion Inc. was established in 2001 as a leading supplier of high quality eyewear fashion sunglasses and discount sunglasses with the idea that our most valuable asset is you the customer.

Company Policy

  • 1295 S. Johnson Dr. City of Industry, CA. 91745
  • Phone:1-626-333-6179

$8$10 Per Dozen Sunglasses

Wholesale Sunglasses $8-$10 per Dozen! Because we are the direct importer of these attractive sunglasses we are able to provide them to you at very low, cheap prices! These are one of our best selling assortments of inexpensive sunglasses. Sports styles are always popular, and at prices this low you can’t go wrong keeping these in stock.

You may notice we have expanded our range of styles in this category! Here you will now find a wide range of cheap sunglasses from aviators to fashion styles in addition to the great sports styles! Watch this category closely, we’re adding new styles all the time! And don’t forget, we can print your logo or personal message on the glasses too! We also offer Free Shipping on your order of $99 or more.

Looking for other Wholesale Sports Sunglasses? Click here to see our full line!

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Leading The Market In Wholesale Fashion Sunglasses

Are you selling or thinking about selling wholesale fashion sunglasses or wholesale sunglasses for women? If so, you know it is smart to purchase by the dozen. You also realize how important it is to keep up with the wholesale fashion trends women are following in sunglasses. From designer fashion styles to specialty product selections, knowing the market will separate the successful from those who just wish they were. Here are some excellent tips on wholesale sunglasses and suggestions to help you sort out customer selection preferences and other valuable product information.

Mass Vision Is Your One

Welcome to Shark Eyes, Inc #1 Wholesale Eyewear Distributor

At Mass Vision we provide innovative, chic and comfortable sunglasses and reading glasses in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Going strong since 2004, we strive to meet all of ours and your customers needs. No style is out of reach! We accommodate men, women and children with modern, up to date sportswear, city, night club and beach wear styles. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and guaranteed wholesale sunglasses on the market. Our sales staff is very knowledgeable, possessing extensive retail experience at festivals, flea markets and mall kiosks. We establish and maintain a strong personal relationship with our customers. Our no pressure sales staff is available 7 days a week to offer our customers information and advice about individual sunglass needs.At Mass Vision we also specialize in selling bulk sunglasses to retailers but since we have no minimum order, customers looking to save big money are welcomed to purchase as few as 1 dozen for themselves or friends. Sunglasses are a great gift idea any time of year and for a variety of occasions.

Mass Vision is your only source for high quality, designer discount sunglasses and reading sunglasses. Please experience and enjoy our web site. Give us a call anytime!

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Stock Up On Trendy Wholesale Sunglasses Today

Stock your business with the latest wholesale sunglasses on the market today. And dont forget to check back regularly and see which new styles we have for men, women, and children. We’re constantly updating our inventory to stay fresh and current with the latest trends, and we don’t want you to miss a thing!

Buy wholesale sunglasses online today. Alternatively, you can reach us via email at with any questions!


Styles Of Sunglasses For Every Taste

At Apparel Candy, we understand that everyone has personal taste and style. As a reputable wholesale sunglasses distributor, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of wholesale sunglasses to suit everyones needs.

From classics to aviators, vintage to polarized, we have a variety of sunglass options you can choose from to satisfy your clientele.

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Improved Eye And Vision Health

The more we learn about the science behind vision health, the more important protective eyewear becomes. Ultraviolet rays, like those emitted by the sun, can easily damage the eyes. Sunglasses safeguard against this.

Being indoors isn’t necessarily a fix, either. Blue light, like that given off by electronic devices, is almost equally as damaging. Regardless of the environment, sunglasses are a great protective and stylish choice.

Our Vision And Service

Wholesale California Classics Sunglasses by the Dozen

Based on the success of our wholesale business in China, we began to serve retailers from all over the world and brand merchants with customized needs. Providing high-quality and low-price glasses will always be our core business policy. Relying on the Internet, we will pass our cost advantage to every client and serve them wholeheartedly. Our Vision is to become the most reliable business partner for global glasses merchants. Please bookmark our website, if you can give us your ideas and suggestions on our website, we will provide discounts for your order, please contact us in the following ways.

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Mens Wholesale Sunglasses Sold By The Dozen

Our wholesale mens sunglasses are sold in groups of a dozen and even over a dozen at a time. Buying in bulk allows buyers to save on price and also on shipping since the more items that are purchased at one time generally constitutes a cheaper price tag. When bought by the dozen, wholesale buyers are able to resale for a profit.

Wholesale sunglass sales are a lucrative business for those who are willing to purchase a dozen or multiple dozens in order to reduce the price and save on shipping. It is important to sort through the dealers in order to find wholesale mens sunglasses that are high-quality and that keep up with the latest trends so customers will buy them. The more you know about eyewear, like trends in frames, and special features , the better your chances of selling will be. Once you sort the information out, you can order a dozen or even more than a dozen.

You can sort wholesale mens eyewear by the dozen by conducting a search on the colors that are available. Find out the colors of frames sold by the dozen and even the colors of lenses available. There are polarized versions available as well.

In addition to the various colors, you can check into the top brands, like Big Buck Iwear, Hang Ten, Georgio Caponi, Homey Shades, Ride with Pride, Locs, G Sport, Racer X, and others that are available by the dozen. The most popular brands come in many shapes, colors, and styles.

Why Sell Sunglasses

As experienced wholesale sunglasses distributors, we know a thing or two about the sunglasses market. There’s a reason these accessories have stayed popular for such a long time.

Protective eyewear has been around since ancient civilizations, and it’s not likely to go anywhere soon. As people become more aware of their eye and vision health, sunglasses have grown in popularity over the last century.

Certain styles of sunglasses are also often seen as a mark of wealth and luxury. Even if the glasses cost $20, large frames give that chic look many celebrities are seen sporting.

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Where Sunglasses

We come from Duqiao Taizhou China, Duqiao Taizhou is famous in China as the glasses city , 80% of the glasses in the world are produced in China, and 80% of the these eyewear in China are manufactured in Duqiao, there are thousands of glasses factories in Duqiao, because the supply chain is clustered with the industry, which help to reduce our production cost greatly, so we sunglasses factories can easily produce low-price but good quality sunglasses in Duqiao. These advantages has also built Duqiao a very competitive glasses production base in China, Lots of glasses retailers in China and importers from all the world come to Duqiao to purchase glasses every year.

Who Sunglasses

6 WHOLESALE EYEWEAR SUPPLIERS FOR YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS including private labeling blue light

Sunglasses-wholesale.comTaizhou Saalu Glasses Co., Ltd., as a leading sunglasses wholesaler from China established in 1991 Duqiao Taizhou, launched our online wholesale business in 2005 ,current has a team with 618 members, 210 of them are key technicians and 60 of them are designers. Our company has 2 factories with 35k daily output ability, as well as 1000 square meters of warehouse1500+ styles with large stock ready to ship , We not only have the ability to produce and fulfill a large number of orders in a short time, but also have the ability to help you design your own brand and customize your glasses.

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