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Womens Glasses For Oval Face

Oversized Glasses For Oval Face

Frames for an Oval Face | EyeBuyDirect x TheStyleCat

As weve mentioned, the oval face shape is among the most versatile of all. However, you must use caution when choosing oversized glasses for an oval face. The trick is finding a style that features the proper proportions. If you have a smaller oval face, opt for half-rimmed glasses that have a tailored fit. But if your oval face is longer, oversized frames are actually one of the most flattering. Some good oversized glasses for oval faces include:

* Round Frames

Characteristics Of Oval Faces

You know what they say: Your face shape is just one measure of beauty. Although it is not the most important one however, it does affect many things such as eyeglasses! Having an oval face shape is considered to be ideal. Dont get us wrong all face shapes are equally alluring. Kraywoods is all about embracing your natural beauty with a little touch of eyewear glam. So, what is so great about having an oval face shape? The answer is simple: balanced proportion. As a result, it makes things easier for a man or woman to style. Its the most attractive face shape.

For any face shape, you need to focus on three things: Forehead, cheekbones and jawline. Everything else comes in second place. For an oval face shape, the facial structure includes a tiny forehead, high cheekbones and a slim jawline. Also, your facial feature may appear longer than they are.

Watch: How to know if your face is Oval or Long?

Some female A-list celebrities that have an oval face shape are Cameron Diaz, , Rihanna, Charlize Theron, Courtney Cox, etc. As for oval face shaped male A-list celebrities, you can find Adam Levine, Jude Law, Zac Efron, Chris Pine, etc. So what about eyeglasses? Please read below to find out what we have picked for you!

What Are The Lightest Glasses Frames

The lightest styles of eyeglass frames feature minimalist designs and lightweight materials. Titanium eyeglasses take the cake in terms of weight and durability. This premium metal is famously tough but also extremely lightweight. If you want a solid frame that sits comfortably on your nose and that can handle the wear and tear of a busy life, look no further than Titanium glasses.

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What Glasses Look Good On A Diamond Face

Don’t get confused between an oval-shaped face and a diamond face. The only difference between both is balanced proportion. In comparison to oval face shapes, diamond faces are slightly longer and narrower. To choose the right pair of glasses for a diamond face, you could follow the same guidelines as that of an oval face. Bold shapes and eyeglasses with decorative details work well on diamond faces. They draw attention to your eyes rather than highlighting the overall shape of your face.

It’s not easy to pick a frame that fits your face shape and your personal style. There are several imperative factors to consider, including the right size, colour and trend. Every face shape has different eyeglasses that fit their face. Look for what suits you best, it’s going to define your style statement. If you are still confused and need help, ask one of the experts at Optica. Here, you are sure to find the right shape and style from our wide array of choices in eyeglasses.

Quality Womens Oval Prescription Glasses At An Affordable Price

Pin by Jean Arner on Business women in 2021

At Marvel Optics, you can find a variety of quality womens round prescription glasses at an affordable price. These types of frames are a popular choice among women because they have a subtler and more feminine look. Whether you need them to see or to make a fashion statement, womens round eyeglasses are a great choice. And because you can find them in a variety of materials and styles, you can be sure to find a pair that will fit with your personal taste. Feel free to look at the broad selection of womens oval eyeglasses we have in our inventory, so you can find a pair thats right for you!

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How Are The Numbers On Glasses Printed

There are numerous ways to label spectacles and sunglasses frames. The most common methods are laser etching, pad printing, hot foiling or using adhesive labels, discreetly applied to the interior surfaces of the frame.

Laser etching is highly accurate and uses a CNC laser beam to rapidly burn the surface of the spectacle or sunglasses frame. This process can be used on acetate or metal and can even be used to mark the lenses.

Pad printing is one of the most common methods of labelling spectacles or sunglasses frames. Using an automated rubber stamp, coloured ink is transferred from a plate called a cliché and applied to the frame. It is fast, accurate and highly repeatable, suited for low to high production volumes. The only drawback to this process is the curing time of the ink to fully set.

Hot foiling is similar to pad printing but instead uses sheet metal foil and a heated metal stamp. The stamp is embossed with the frames numbers and dimensions which is then pressed against the sheet foil onto the surface of the acetate frame.

Adhesive labels are occasionally used to mark the dimensions of spectacles or sunglasses frames. If present the label/s usually reside within a recess as way of making them level or flush with the surface of the frame.

Other Common Face Types

There are many face shapes, therefore its common to be a mixture of two or three.

So dont worry if youre unsure what shape of face you have. To help, heres a quick breakdown of the most common face shapes.

Oblong faces are often confused with the oval shape. Like the oval face shape, the oblong faces are longer than it is wide however they have a long, straight cheek line.

Square faces have a wide jawline that matches the width of your forehead.

Round faces have soft features, little to no jawline definition and are widest at your cheeks. This face shape merges into oval if you have a longer head.

Heart faces have a narrow bottom third as well as a wide top third, like a heart. A widows peak hairline adds to the nature of this face shape.

Triangular faces have a broad forehead which leads down to your narrow jaw. This geometry gives you a tapering, slightly triangular appearance.

For a more detailed guide to face shapes

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What Is My Face Shape

In order to choose properly, you first need to identify your facial features and figure out which category your face shape falls into:

  • Square shape face: Broad forehead and chin, wide angular jawline
  • Round face: Forehead, cheeks, and chin are similar in length and width, with soft cheekbones and jawline
  • Heart shape face: Wide forehead, narrow chin, prominent cheekbones
  • Diamond shape face: Narrow forehead and chin, wider cheekbones and full cheeks
  • Oval shape face: Narrow forehead and chin, high and wide cheekbones, subtly curved jawline
  • Triangular shape face: Narrow forehead, wide jawline and chin

Its important to remember that your face shape is yours alone almost nobodys face is a perfect heart, circle, square, and so on.

Most faces are actually a combination of a few different shapes: rounded chins and tall foreheads, angular features and tapered jaws which is great news, because it means there are plenty of glasses styles that look great on all shapes of faces!

A Variety Of Womens Oval Eyeglasses To Fit Any Style

Glasses for a Round/Oval Face Shape | EyeBuyDirect x Truly Jamie

With hundreds of options to choose from, you can be sure to find a pair of womens oval eyeglasses that will work with your specific style. They even come in a variety of materials. So if you need a new pair of womens round prescription glasses, you can find it at Marvel Optics. We have a broad selection of womens round eyeglasses, and you can get them at an affordable price. Feel free to look at what we have in stock, so you can find a pair of womens oval prescription glasses thats right for you!

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Best Glasses Shapes For An Oval Face

Finding glasses for an oval-shaped face is a matter of picking through tons and tons of choices. The good news is that you can pull off any frame you like.

The bad news is that you have so many frames to choose from that it may be a tough choice. Consult our tips below to learn how certain frames will complement your oval face. If theyre helpful, use them as guidelines while you shop for glasses online or elsewhere.

What Glasses Suit Oval Faces Best

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How To Work Out Your Face Shape

When figuring out your face shape, look for the shape that is the most like yours its likely your chin is a little more pointed than the typical oval, or your forehead a little wider than the usual triangle.

  • Look at your jawline in the mirror is it curved or angular?
  • Now look at your forehead is it wide or narrow?
  • Finally, time for your cheekbones are they soft or prominent?
  • Once you have these answers, you should have a general idea of what shape your beautiful face is.

    Glasses For Oval Face Shape

    Versace VE1218 Eyeglasses in 2020

    When it comes to selecting a pair of prescription glasses, you are fortunate in that you may choose from almost any frame type and they will still look good on you. The majority of eyewear shapes will look good on your oval face. Just make sure that the glasses you choose don’t interfere with the natural harmony of your features. You don’t want to appear disproportioned, so avoid wearing an enormous frown.

    Square Glasses are more popular than ever before. Square retro shapes, both for sunglasses and optical shapes, have been one of our best-selling items since the revival of 1970s fashion. Darcy is a popular shape for this look. We have made acetate versions of this type in a variety of colorways, so you’ll be able to find a square style that you like. This style is more common among men, although it is also popular among ladies.

    The designer cat eye glasses frames comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you’ll have to figure out which one is perfect for you. Although this is a more feminine shape, it is becoming increasingly popular among guys. If you’re a woman seeking a retro frame style, our Adele collection is a great place to start. For a modern touch translucent frames like Cheshire are perfect. There are some small throwback styles that were popular in the 1990s and are making a comeback. Larger cat-eye frames, which were popular in the 1950s, are also available.

    • Rectangular Glasses

    • Browline and Double-Bridge Glasses

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    Glasses That Might Not Work As Well For Oval Faces

    As weve said before, you can wear any glasses frame with an oval face shape and look absolutely fabulous. There arent any restrictionsyoure the boss of your personal style! The frames below might present some styling challenges for an oval face, but that doesnt mean theyre not for you. Try them on and see what works!

    What Is Your Face Shape

    An oval face shape is longer than it is wide with a softly curved jawline. Your cheekbones are broadly spaced in proportion with your forehead and jaw, and usually set just a little higher on your face. Lastly, your forehead is just a bit wider than your chin.

    LOOKING FOR GLASSES FOR YOUR OVAL FACE? Find an eyewear store near you.

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    Glasses For Eye Colour

    Your eye colour can also determine how you choose new glasses.

    If youre lucky to have a strong eye colour, you can match this with the tone of your glasses frame.

    It’s rare to have vividly coloured eyes, so why not choose a frame to enhance one of your best attributes?

    Head over to our blog discussing glasses for eye colour.

    For women, your glasses can be an excellent accessory to enhance the look of both your eyes, make-up and even your eyebrows.

    A common question is whether glasses should cover your eyebrows or not. If you’ve ever wondered if this is okay, check out this guide.

    Other considerations

    It can be all too tempting to stick to safe glasses colours which fit the norm.

    In professional situations, it’s probably best to stick to understated spectacles however these “work glasses” are going to be worn for the majority of the week. You’ll certainly benefit from having more than one pair to rotate between.

    Attending dinners or casual events, we urge you to be more adventurous with your glasses choice. At first, bold new glasses can be daunting, but you’ll be amazed at the compliments you’ll receive.

    Before you head off, why not check out our article on the latest eyewear trends and styles?

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Tips For Choosing Glasses For Your Face Shape

    Firmoo Optical Review | Eyeglasses for Oval Face

    And now, the fun part.

    Once youve chosen which glasses are the best option for your face shape, youll be able to find a pair that will complement your features and bring a natural balance to your profile.

    We have frames for round, oval, square, diamond, triangular, and heart shaped faces. . If you need help narrowing down the options, follow our face-shape shopping tips.

    Use the Virtual Try On tool: Simply click try on, enable your camera, and you can get a sense of how your favourite styles look. Remember Virtual Try On isnt an indicator of fit, so be sure to enter your PD and check glasses measurements to help get a sense of sizing.

    Not sure what your PD is? Learn how to measure PD at home.

    Find your measurements: When shopping for the best fit, getting your glasses measurements right is key to finding a pair that make you look and feel great learn how to find your glasses measurements.

    Pick a colour: If youre not sure which glasses colour or material to go for, check out our guide on glasses frame colours for advice on which styles might complement your hair colour and skin tone.

    Whether you opt for something bold or subtle, vintage or modern, statement or versatile, weve got plenty of frames to fit your beautiful face. If youve got questions or want to chat more about style, you can reach out to our Customer Service team 24/7 by chat, email, or phone.

    Make sure to share your selfies with us using #SeeClearly on Social.

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    Should I Get Round Or Square Glasses

    Great question! Deciding on a shape for your eyeglasses should primarily depend on your personal taste you do you! But if youre looking for a little direction on the best shape for you, considering your face shape can help. As a general rule, people with rounder faces look good in more square frames, while those of us with more angular faces suit circular frames. Its all about that balance and proportion. Check out our handy face shapes guide for more info.

    What Is The Average Glasses Frame Size

    Frames for adults vary slightly for men and women, but are generally made to standard sizes similar to shoes or clothes. Depending on the brand, there may be size options available in the lens width, bridge width and temple length.

    • Average adult lens widths: 40 60mm
    • Average adult bridge width: 14 24mm
    • Average adult temple lengths: 120 150mm

    *Oversized frame styles can exceed these dimensions, especially womens butterfly sunglasses, oversized mens frames or bespoke editions.

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    Best Glasses For Blue Eyes

    Moderately blue eyes are less intrusive to frame colour-choice. You may find that your eyes are partially made of grey which makes your scope for glasses much broader. We suggest you opt for aquatic colours such as blue or green if you want to accentuate your sapphire hues these frames can be the best glasses for blue eyes. Alternatively, you can go for less colourful frame option and stick to neutral acetates. Frame colours such as black, dark browns or grey make for a more reserved frame choice. Additionally, a neutral acetate will make room for those hints of blue in your eyes.

    Strongly coloured blue eyes will work brilliantly with our blue acetate spectacle frames. This is an absolute no-brainer and will compliment your ocean blues. With such a strong colour, the blue acetate will emphasise your very rare but defining attribute. If youd rather steer away from blue acetate, we completely understand. For some people it can be a little too out there, sometimes because of your hair colour, skin tone or dress sense. Instead, why not opt for a black or grey acetate frame? These are more subtle and will work well in professional environments.

    Navigate the slideshow below to see our suggestions for the best glasses for blue eyes.

    Your iris is what hosts the colour of your eyes, made up of pigmentation called melanin. In optics, your iris is referred to as your diaphragm and is what controls the amount of light that enters your eye. |

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