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Women’s Wire Rim Glasses

How Do You Choose Wire

Glasses for Small Faces

Because there are so many frame options, its best to look at your face shape and the aesthetic youre going for. What look do you want to achieve?

Wireframes can cover a variety of staplesfrom retro-vintage to hipster glasses in square, round, aviator, and butterfly shapes. And they can flatter every face shape.

Lets have a look at some cool wire-rimmed glasses that may be ideal for you.

How To Find The Most Flattering Glasses For You


Glasses are an incredible opportunity to express your personal style, but the wrong pair can be a distraction. With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which pair of frames will be the perfect ones for you and your style.

When choosing a new set of glasses, it’s important to look for a pair that enhances your features rather than obscuring them. Pay attention to the shape, color, and quality of the frames when you’re shopping. Ahead, 11 tips to help you find the most flattering glasses for your face shape.

A Wide Selections Of Square Wire Glasses Are Available At Yesglasses

Please visit Yesglasses online shop to look for a pair of fashionable wire rim squareglasses. You can choose your favorite wire rim square glasses from a variety of colorfuland fashionable styles. The golden thin-rimmed glasses are bold and stylish and can provideyou with the undeniable charm and the gunmetal or gray wire rim frame will highlight yourintelligence, carefulness and coolness. In addition, the high-quality black wire rim glassesbring you a more natural, more loyal and deeper impression. Find a pair of glasses that showyour unique personality right now!


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Opt For Statement Frames

Ruby Rose has a heart-shaped face, and these oversize frames look adorable on her. They’re statement frames, which means you likely would want to wear them on special occasions instead of every day.

When choosing oversized frames for yourself, keep in mind the top rule for eyeglasses: Pick a frame that works in proportion to your face. Oversize frames can be stylish, but they should never be so high up you can see the brow. They should hit at or below the brow, according to eyeglass connoisseur Robert Marc in Charla Krupp’s bestselling book, How Not to Look Old.

Can The Thin Metal Frame Get Back To The Pinnacle Of Fashion

Vintage Oxblood Wire Rim Eyeglasses Womens Ladies Oversized

In recent years, an increasing number of people enter the search for a pair offashionable wire- rimmed glasses. The thin metal glasses are one of the most popularglasses in 2017, and the enthusiasm of fans for it will run higher and higher in thefollowing years. The lightweight and stylish slim metal glasses emphasize the graceand gentleness of the lady, while the retro thin metal glasses add a unique masculinecharm to the gentlemen. Then, choose a pair of anti-blue ray lenses which can providea 100% UV and blue ray protection. They are the most fashionable and durable glasses.

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Tortoiseshell Is Universally Flattering

Another important factor to consider when choosing glasses is your hair color. Tortoiseshell frames look great with Tamara Falco’s brown hair color. According to Marc, tortoiseshell frames are universally flattering on almost all hair colors because the tonalities in the frames match the tonalities in many hair colors.

Falco has a long face shape, and these round glasses look great on her.

Why This Style Works

Tointon has a totally feminine look going on here if you take off the glasses. She’s wearing pretty makeup and a pretty dress, with her hair pulled back in a casual bun. Then she adds the glasses, adding a bit of edge and masculine feel. Note how simple she keeps her hair and makeup, as well as the absence of jewelry here. Strong glasses can be all you need.

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Thin Rim Round Glasses In All Styles And Sizes

The kind of frames with simple thin rim and round lenses is famous for Steve Jobs andHarry Potter. These frames impress others by its simple, independent and smart. Inparticular, the small size wire rim glasses highlight the petite, slim and cutepersonalities of the lady, while the oversized round geek-chic glasses stand outtheir fashion, amusement and individuality. Either clear lenses or the sunglasses willadd a lot of highlights for you.

Counterbalance Your Face Shape

Frames for an Oval Face | EyeBuyDirect x TheStyleCat

When it comes to choosing frames for your face shape, Marc suggests the counterbalancing method. That means choosing a frame that is the opposite to your face shape. For example, if you have a round face shape as Kara Tointon does, try a pair of rectangular frames with sharp edges. These square glasses flatter Kara’s face shape, whereas fat, rounded frames would only highlight the roundness of her face.

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Choose The Most Flattering Glasses

We’ve come a long way from wire-rimmed glasses that evoke memories of Steve Urkel. However, it’s still amazing how a pair of eyeglasses can make or break your look. Put a bad frame on someone gorgeous, and they’re able to play a frumpy librarian on TV. Put a stylish frame on someone who otherwise doesn’t care about fashion, and they’ll be instantly transformed into someone ultra-chic.

Choosing the perfect frame for yourself, however, can be totally overwhelming. There are plenty of things to consider, including your personality type and your personal style. Your face shape, hair color and your everyday wardrobe are all contributing factors to whether glasses will work for you.

About Our Wire Rim Glasses

Wire rim glasses are what many people picture when they think of antique glasses. It wasnt the only material in use historically. Tortoise shell and animal horn were also relatively common frame materials. But up until the 1940s and 1950s, wire frames were the dominant style.

Wire offered many benefits over other materials as it was readily available, less susceptible to damage, and easy to manipulate into the desired shape. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, those shapes were circular , oval, and egg-shaped.

Regardless of shape, most wire rimmed glasses have smaller lenses than their modern counterparts. This is because of more limited lens grinding technology and the need for glasses to sit closer to the face to keep them balanced before the invention of nose pads in 1921.

The various materials used in wire frame glasses remained largely unchanged over the decades that metals were used and included:

  • Gold
  • German Silver
  • Blued Steel

Many gold or silver frames used plate by wrapping the precious metal around a more inexpensive material. some were even made of solid 10k or 14k gold.

To keep glasses on the wearers face without nose pads, manufacturers needed alternatives. The connection between the lenses is often what is known as a saddle bridge or W-bridge. It is a single piece of metal that curves over the nose, but does not offer much stability.

Instead, manufacturers used the temple pieces to help keep glasses on. The different styles included:

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Which Wire

The best way to find the perfect wire frame is to consider your face shape. Rounder frames work to complement angular faces, while square or rectangle eyeglasses suit faces with softer angles. That being said, finding a style that fits your personality is just as important! Do you want to stand out with fun, statement frames in bright colors? Or maybe something more subtle and refined to keep it low-key.

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